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Brand monitoring

Modern and flexible interface

Intuitive interface, clear visualizations, real-time monitoring, brand power indicators in the media

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Results preview
  • Influencers
  • Advanced filtering
  • Logical operators
  • Alerts
Realtime monitoring

Interactive panels

Find out which channels are most likely to write about you. Analyze portals, communities, blogs, forums, press and TV.

Transparent charts

Compare the number of mentions of your brand to competitors. Analyze the reach and value of communication.
Brand monitoring - results preview

Detailed preview

Additional information such as publication date, sentiment, medium type, ave, gender, etc.

List of articles

View the publications that appeared in the context of the search topic.
Influencer marketing - brand monitoring

Quick preview

Immediate access to a list of top authors meeting selected criteria.

Authors profiling

Select authors for gender, reach, sentiment or advertising equivalent.
Media monitoring - advanced filtering

Tracking individual sites

Select data for interesting sources, not only for the type of media, but also specific channels / press / titles / sites.

Advanced filtering

Browse only interesting content, select documents by author's gender, sentiment, reach or value of advertising equivalent.
Brand monitoring - logical operators

Choice of languages

Narrow your search results to selected languages.

Advanced mode

Use logical operators to precisely set the search scope.
Media monitoring - alerts

Email notification

Alerts for new publications can be delivered in a convenient newsletter form directly to your inbox.

Flexible schedules

Select the days of the week and the hours when you receive notifications. You have the freedom to customize your delivery schedule to your needs.

Largest range of data

We offer data analytics from social and traditional media from all of the world's popular languages.

More than 150 thousand web sites, 50 million social media sources, 1100 press titles and 200 RTV stations.

Global reach - 170 countries, 75 languages

Explore trends, find customers and influencers locally and globally.
See how Newspoint can help you run your business internationally.

Reach business goals, save time and money

Outsource research and analysis

In-depth media reports and analyzes, brand image, celebrities, phenomena, employer branding and influencer mapping based on quantitative and qualitative methods; content analysis, social media analytics, text mining, CAWI, FGI, IDI.

Analyze trends

Recognize trends and innovations in your industry, respond to market demand and stay ahead of the competition with Internet monitoring. With Big Data analytics you will get valuable business conclusions.

Monitor yourself and your competition

Compare the opinions of your brand with your competitors’ reviews on social media, internet, press, radio, television and keep up to date. In addition, browse through a unique 10-year data archive.

Manage crisis

Monitor negative feedback about your brand. React to keep up with the dangers and prevent the image crisis. Set alerts so you do not miss any threats.

Get to the influencers

Find people who will recommend your brand. Analyze profiles, reaches, number of publications, citing. Make contacts and build a network of brand ambassadors to reach new audiences.

Find new customers

Monitor forums, blogs, news sites, and social media to get information about potential customers. Respond to mentions of your product and build an individual customer relationship.
"Newspoint helps us quickly and effectively find sites where users are talking about our brand."
Grzegorz Berezowski,
Founder & CEO
"Newspoint is a reliable and credible partner, and the tools they offer better than ever. We are looking forward to continued cooperation over the next years."
Dawid Brykalski,
"For us the most important are our customers, so we use Newspoint monitoring. Thanks to them we know the needs of users and we improve our services."
Maciej Górka,
PR Manager
"Newspoint data is an excellent supplement to market research."
Tomasz Baran,
Scientific Partner
"Nowadays, with the flood of information, I cannot imagine working without media monitoring. Newspoint saves us time by selecting only valuable content."
Iwona Łoza,
Social Media Coordinator
"Precise monitoring."
Artur Newecki,
"Partnership with Newspoint is very inspiring and allows us to significantly enrich our projects."
Jakub Antoszewski,
PR Manager
"The results of the reports helped us to better plan the strategy."
Łukasz Lewandowski,
Vice President
"Results provided by Newspoint were an interesting addition to our data and enriched our reports."
Michał Feliksiak,
"We value Newspoint for professional service and flexible approach to the customer."
Anna Miecznikowska,
Brand Manager
"Thanks to Newspoint we are up to date with all the publications that appear in the media."
Monika Olech,
Internal Communications Head
"Newspoint data allows us to show many interesting and unobvious conclusions in content strategies for clients."
Ewa Wielgórska,
Business Development Director
"We recommend Newspoint analysis to all who value reliable and proven information about their PR activities."
Magdalena Bugajło,
PR & Communications Director
"Perfectly designed panel and its intuitive handling are the distinguishing features of Newspoint solution."
Eliza Blokowska,
Member of the Management Board
"With Newspoint I have full control over the brand presence in media and online. Surprising precision and reporting speed."
Aleksandra Jarośkiewicz,
Head of Digital
"Newspoint allows us to be up to date with opinions about our customers and to keep an eye on their online presence. We also use it to build our own agency brand. It works great!"
Ania Ledwoń,
Creative Director
"I enjoy it, I appreciate it and I really recommend it. It's wise to have a good monitoring."
Marcin Fiedziukiewicz,
"We use Newspoint for media research that we run. The quality of data is key for us."
Vadim Makarenko,
Managing Editor
"The tool is very precise and accurate. Intuitive interface makes it easy to handle. I definitely recommend!"
Robert Hałacz,
Sales Director
"Very accurate and reliable tool for crisis monitoring."
Kasia Strzelczyk,
Social Media Manager
"Daily monitoring is conducted in a reliable and detailed manner, which saves us time and helps us in our work."
Dorota Zielińska,
Head Specialist of Marketing Communication

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