1 July 2023, Robert Sadowski

TOP influencer marketing tools in 2023

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to reach today’s consumers. Cooperation with influencers allows you to build trust, awareness and loyalty towards the brand, as well as generate high returns on investment. However, effective influencer marketing is neither easy nor cheap. It requires proper planning, implementation and measurement of...

18 April 2023, Robert Sadowski

Media monitoring in the fight against war disinformation

How does Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) influence the perception of modern warfare? What is OSINT anyway? In the article below, we will present how media monitoring tools improve OSINT operations. The growing role of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) In the era of universal access to information about the amount of data that we are forced...

12 April 2023, Robert Sadowski

Take a look into the past – analysis of data and results from various marketing tools

The surrounding world is developing very fast and so is the technology. Digitization allows us to improve many processes related to our daily life and work. New digital technologies also mean a lot of new data which collection and analysis is extremely important – especially in the context of marketing. Why is it like that?...

2 November 2022, Mateusz Pałka

How to Build Trust and Brand Awareness with the Help of Media Monitoring

Brand awareness is not only a problem for small, local and less known enterprises and organizations. Global companies that lead the way across various social media channels around the world are also struggling to maintain high brand recognition rates. The moment of its fluctuations most often occurs when companies introduce pioneering products to the market,...

27 October 2022, Robert Sadowski

How will media monitoring affect the near future of digital marketing?

For a long time, marketers and communications specialists have relied on the use of attribution and conversion tracking tools that observe and research customer journeys using cookies. However, knowing the full path of consumers to conversions is not so straightforward due to the availability of a variety of the latest devices that customers use to...

16 September 2022, Mateusz Pałka

Changes on Facebook and Instagram. How TikTok affects social media?

TikTok dominates the social media world – teenagers absolutely love it (so it reaches the generations that will soon be the main audience for many industries). It also works well as a source of opinions about products and services, and above all, it beats other platforms in terms of the amount of content consumed per...

24 August 2022, Robert Sadowski

Fake news as a tool of disinformation

Everyone – in private or professional life, reading about sports, politics or the environment – has come across incorrect information, which we will not classify as public expression of extreme views or deliberate ridicule of an absurd situation (this is a specific form of fake news in which the recipient is aware of inconsistency with...

4 August 2022, Robert Sadowski

When does reflex matter? Real Time Marketing (RTM)

Currently, it is not enough to appear on the market with products or services. It is a must to be online, practically non-stop. A fanpage and paid advertisements do their job, but it is also necessary to monitor the activity of the environment on an ongoing basis – customers, competition, current trends and events. The...

7 July 2022, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Dashboard Manual Guide

The Newspoint tool is used for media monitoring. Newspoint monitors all types of media (social media, portals, news websites, opinions, industry, vertical, forums, blogs, press and RTV). Provides worldwide coverage: 75 languages, 170 countries worldwide and the largest range of sources: over 16 thousand Polish websites and over 150 thousand foreign websites, the largest range...

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