1 June 2022, Mateusz Pałka

How to choose a quality media monitoring tool?

Choosing a good media monitoring tool is not an easy task. We have free tools, such as Google Alerts, and paid tools – both domestic and foreign. What to pay special attention to in order not to overpay and have access to all publications that interest us?

27 December 2021, Robert Sadowski

Google alerts vs. Newspoint – similarities and differencies

Google Alerts and Newspoint are tools that allow you to monitor the mention of a brand, company or person in the media. Monitoring trends in the industry, the activity of competitors and feedback on realised projects provide valuable information for many business areas. Where do you get them? How to choose an effective and functional...

17 November 2021, Robert Sadowski

Media monitoring for marketers – a number of benefits

Social media activities have become commonplace. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, onlineforums, podcasts and blogs are just some of the sources customers use to express their opinionabout a product or brand. Media monitoring enables a holistic analysis of current information on aparticular topic in the media channels, as well as monitoring market trends and tracking competitors.It...

1 June 2021, Robert Sadowski

Kubota case study – how to use media monitoring

This is the story of how the 25 years old Polish company increased its brand awareness and customer engagement with impeccable media monitoring. Kubota is an immensely popular Polish brand that has been on the market for over 25 years. After successfully winning the hearts and feet of millions of Poles with its iconic flip-flops...

11 March 2021, Robert Sadowski

Social media analytics

Social media crosses borders, content is the king, and data-driven marketing is the magic that has transformed the entire consumer journey and marketing strategy to be more personalized and optimized. Social media is one of the key channels to reach consumers, and the possibilities of tracking and analyzing specific activities in these media are simply...

11 August 2020, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Guide – How to benefit from social media?

Newspoint has prepared another guide; this time we focused on the advantages of brand presence in social media. “How to benefit from social media” is a collection of ideas for business development, for every marketer and social media specialist, which are provided by meetings with users of the most popular social platforms in Poland. The...

26 June 2020, Robert Sadowski

How do I monitor the visibility of my website on Google? SEO indicators and tools.

Did you know that monitoring the website’s visibility at Google gives you the opportunity to rationally draw conclusions about how effective positioning activities are? Thanks to this, SEO specialists or website owners can observe on an ongoing basis what changes are taking place in the visibility of the site and the position of individual phrases...

29 January 2019, Robert Sadowski

Summary of 2018 in social media

Newspoint, as a media monitoring company, collects and archives millions of documents: posts, comments, articles, blog entries, graphic materials and photos. On the basis of the most-important sources for the brands on the Internet and entries, we are able to show annual trends, the most frequently posted days of the week and hours broken down...

20 December 2018, Robert Sadowski

20 ideas for a new content from media monitoring

Media monitoring allows you to achieve a competitive advantage at the level of many business areas. From PR, HR, customer service, product development and marketing, advertising and sales. The Internet is largely open and public. If someone speaks about the brand (whether positively or negatively), it is worth reacting quickly and participating in such a...

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