26 July 2018, Robert Sadowski

Fake news in the eyes of internet users

Fake news, or false information disseminated by the media for over a dozen months, is a very popular subject. It’s worth taking a closer look at this phenomenon.

18 July 2018, Robert Sadowski

Internet search engines and media monitoring – similarities and differences

In discussions about media monitoring, the topic is often not what works best, but what monitoring tools are better than traditional internet search engines. Followers of the latter claim that you can do the same with them using professional tools and for free. So why overpay?

16 July 2018, Robert Sadowski

How to reach customers using Newspoint

Media often called the fourth estate. Nowadays, social media are extremely popular, which from the traditional ones differ mainly because you can communicate in both directions – the sender-recipient and the recipient-sender. This creates great opportunities in the context of business and reaching potential clients. If only you could have access to all messages related...

5 April 2018, Robert Sadowski

How to facilitate communication in crisis situations?

Brand crisis, crisis management, crisis situations. The topic has been explored hundreds of times and everyone who deals with the brand’s surroundings should have it in a small finger. Therefore, this text will not be about the basics of dealing with such situations. This is material for someone who knows how to behave in a...

13 March 2018, Robert Sadowski

How to use Facebook to get Employer Branding

Social media these days are multifunctional tools for communication not only between friends, but also those related to marketing and image activities. It is no wonder that employers also see the potential of platforms such as Facebook in employer branding activities. What’s more, with the rapid development of social media and, hence, Internet communication, activities...

7 February 2018, Robert Sadowski

Summary of 2017 in social media with the eyes of Newspoint

The beginning of the year is the period of all summaries. Some comment, others anticipate, and we dug in our Newspoint utility for media monitoring, petabytes of words, hundreds of terabytes of data and billions of documents. We warmed up all hard drives to red. We analyzed entries archived in 2017 on popular social media...

30 January 2018, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Guide: 18 areas where you will use brand monitoring

The times when only press spokespersons and PR employees were using media monitoring passed. Brand monitoring is increasingly used in various areas of business operations of enterprises. In the era of such rapid growth of blogs, vlogs, videos, comments, social media platforms and their users, it is a necessity.

29 January 2018, Robert Sadowski

More effective inbound marketing in 4 steps

Marketing of emotions, video, digital, internet … Different types, categories, subcategories. The marketing industry is constantly developing and new, ever more interesting branches are appearing all the time. Each of them requires a slightly different approach and different ways of measuring effectiveness. One of such branches is incoming marketing (inbound marketing), which, if used properly,...

6 December 2017, Robert Sadowski

A research process based on data from net – what you need to know

Over 93% of Polish teenagers use the Internet every day (“Teen 3.0” study). As PwC research shows, every fourth Internet user uses the network 24 hours a day, and 36% are online from eight to twelve hours a day. What are the effects? First of all, we’re producing more and more content. In addition, the...

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