How to use Facebook to get Employer Branding

13 March 2018, Robert Sadowski

Social media these days are multifunctional tools for communication not only between friends, but also those related to marketing and image activities. It is no wonder that employers also see the potential of platforms such as Facebook in employer branding activities. What’s more, with the rapid development of social media and, hence, Internet communication, activities in this area are becoming a necessity.

Facebook today is a multifunctional platform that allows you to communicate, create entire thematic groups, where you can share your views (and not only), place ads, advertisements, organize events and much more. All this makes the largest social networking site one of the main places of marketing communication for companies and a great platform for both people looking for a job and looking for employees. Here you can find opinions, comments or communication activities of a potential employer. So how to build the image of a good employer on Facebook?


The Newspoint team, with the help of industry experts, has prepared a special guide that explains how to use Facebook to gain employer branding. The publication consists of several parts. In the first one, the best practices are presented – succinctly and the point describes the specific actions. The next part of the guide is a summary of the opportunities that Facebook gives in the context of caring for the image of the employer. In this part, the topic is discussed: Facebook, is it a cheap way to recruit? On the basis of specific examples, the activities of companies on the Polish market are presented. The last part, The role of social media in HR marketing, is a detailed material, provided with statistics, which presents the potential of using Facebook for employer branding. The entire publication is summarized by the comments and advices of experts such as Aleksandra Jarośkiewicz (Head of Digital in Connectis), Marcin Fiedziukiewicz (CEO at Jobsquare) and Maciej Sokołowski (Parnter at Attention Markeing).


The guide can be downloaded for free from:

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