How to reach customers using Newspoint

16 July 2018, Robert Sadowski

Media often called the fourth estate. Nowadays, social media are extremely popular, which from the traditional ones differ mainly because you can communicate in both directions – the sender-recipient and the recipient-sender. This creates great opportunities in the context of business and reaching potential clients. If only you could have access to all messages related to your industry …

… Someone thought. And that’s how media monitoring came about. Tools designed to track media references to selected keywords are now the basic tool for PRs and marketers. No wonder, since the potential and scope of monitoring are huge. The Newspoint tool has 20 million sources from Poland itself, tracking around 180,000 websites, 1200 press titles and 200 RTV stations. And these numbers are increasing day by day.

The basic way to use such monitoring is to track your own brand. After entering the key words into the tool, after waiting a short time, graphs, numbers and information on even hundreds of thousands of mentions are displayed. In this way you can easily check how, when, who and where and how he wrote about the subject. This shows in some way the popularity of the issue. However, the real “fun” begins when the data is downloaded. Then, for people familiar with Excel, such files can be an amazing mine of knowledge that, if used properly, can bring many business benefits. E.g…

… Search and reach potential customers. The least favorable situation on the market is when the producer has a product that he wants to share, the client needs it, but they can not meet somewhere in the middle. In times of communication noise, where there are so many ads, comments and opinions that one person has no chance to dig through it all, it is not so difficult to imagine. Therefore, it is worth using specially designed tools for this. By entering the industry or a particular product type as keywords, e.g. running shoes, we will receive any mention where internet users have mentioned them. In this way, using the data obtained, you can reach potential customers in several ways: directly and indirectly.

Directly you can find people on forums, or in social media that are interested in the industry, ask questions, look for a product, advice, or simply a brand that can meet their needs. In this very simple way you can contact such a user and give him advice, advice or suggest using services.

Indirectly, you can help potential clients in two ways. The first of them, more traditional, is to analyze the results from the panel monitoring the media and selecting sites on the Internet, for example, specific forums on which the interested persons appear and leave comments. In such places, you can then buy an advertisement to make it easier for them to reach a brand that suits their needs.

Another idea to reach indirectly to people interested in the product or service is to use search engines of influencers, which often offers media monitoring. Having a list of opinion leaders who gather a strictly defined group of observers, you can cooperate with them or ask for a reliable review of the product. Influencer marketing is one of the most frequently cited trends of 2018.

The company that offers the services or product, certainly owns in its ranks experts in the field it deals with. Why then would these experts not help users interested in the subject? Media monitoring can support content activities in this area. An analysis of mentions about the issue allows to assess what causes the biggest problem or raises doubts among recipients. In this case, it is good practice to meet the needs and create a material in which the problem will be described and solved. Users will appreciate professionalism.

The market is full of tools that facilitate the work of departments responsible for communication. Such tools are also media monitoring panels that give access to a huge database. The key to their effective use is knowledge about the areas in which they can be used. Monitoring will help find buyers who are interested in the industry, thanks to which it will be possible to reach them efficiently and enable them to get acquainted with the brand.


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