How to facilitate communication in crisis situations?

5 April 2018, Robert Sadowski

Brand crisis, crisis management, crisis situations. The topic has been explored hundreds of times and everyone who deals with the brand’s surroundings should have it in a small finger. Therefore, this text will not be about the basics of dealing with such situations. This is material for someone who knows how to behave in a crisis situation and wants to learn additional ways to mitigate it. Learn a few good practices that will allow you to work more effectively in crisis situations.

Wise before harm

One of the most important practices when acting in a crisis situation is rapid response. Unfortunately, you can not follow all the media yourself. Media monitoring panels come here to help. All you need to do is set the right keywords and enable the alarm option. When anyone in the media mentions a selected brand or uses specific words, an alarm is immediately sent with a link or, in the case of traditional media, other links (eg a newspaper scan).

Thanks to this, you can immediately react before the crisis begins. This will save a lot of time and, above all, will show that the brand cares about its image and customers.

Take advantage of customer feedback

After mitigating the crisis and repairing the situation, it is also worth carrying out activities aimed at improving the image. Then you can ask for a positive opinion of solid, satisfied customers who understand that the crisis is just one small stumble compared to the overall positive actions of the brand. A positive commentary on the discussion whether a small statement from a real, satisfied person, confirming that he trusts and evaluates your work, can positively help.

The receipts are becoming more and more aware of hate. Several hundred negative comments, often on a similar note, no longer make such a great impression, and sometimes even take such criticism credibility. A positive, individually written commentary contrasting with negatives has then much more value for the brand’s image.

Influencer for help

Influencers have a big impact on public opinions, emotions and, as a result, decisions. Their messages are perceived as authentic, and the communities they gather around them give them a lot of trust. Thanks to this, they can help the brand to get out of the crisis.

It is worth earlier, before the crisis, to find specific people whose community suits our target and maintain good relations with them. Where to find an influencer? Modern systems (Newspoint, Whitepress) contain a search engine with this option, which can greatly simplify the matter.

How can influencers help? During the crisis, you can always rely on his positive opinion. If customers search for information, sooner or later they will come across the influencer’s materials about us. Such action will alleviate the crisis and help to regain the trust of potential customers.

These three simple treatments will improve communication during emergencies and can help to nip problems in the bud. The use of trends (influencer marketing) and new technologies (brand monitoring tools) as an aid to classical activities can significantly increase their effectiveness. The crisis can not be avoided, but you can always do better with it.

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