How do I monitor the visibility of my website on Google? SEO indicators and tools.

26 June 2020, Robert Sadowski

Did you know that monitoring the website’s visibility at Google gives you the opportunity to rationally draw conclusions about how effective positioning activities are? Thanks to this, SEO specialists or website owners can observe on an ongoing basis what changes are taking place in the visibility of the site and the position of individual phrases in relation to the activities. Monitoring therefore ensures the visibility of the party and thus helps to stay ahead of competitors. What is more, the high position of a website in search results is often one of the first effects that can be observed if only SEO actions were planned properly, but also the most important goal of these actions.

No wonder that visibility monitoring is now a necessary part of the positioning strategy, as it is a component of the analysis of the effectiveness of the whole strategy. For a comprehensive analysis, it is worthwhile to use tools that will do this quickly and accurately, and will also provide other options necessary for effective positioning.

Why is it worth monitoring the visibility of the page in search results?

Monitoring the website’s visibility essentially includes traffic to the site, how many users visit the site, as well as the positions of both key and long tail phrases. The position on which a particular phrase is placed is one of the most important indicators by which to assess how effective the SEO website is. It is this high position that has the greatest impact on the increase in traffic on the website, on a greater number of shoppers or requests for services, and consequently on the company’s profit. A high position for a given keyword means that it has been selected for improvement, and the positioning strategy is being carried out properly and is producing the intended results. Monitoring the effects in Google therefore allows you to determine whether positioning is a good investment, bringing real profits.

By monitoring the position of the party, you can therefore determine:

  • whether the number of phrases for which the service is visible is increasing and whether the positions of these phrases are also increasing,
  • what phrases have been achieved and what phrases need to be worked on, which determines the direction of SEO activities
  • whether additional actions on the site are necessary – for example, if the site has reached the top position, but potential customers do not ask for an offer, it is worth turning to improving the CTR, e. g. by adding CTA elements; on the other hand, if the page is just behind TOP10, it may be worthwhile to work on optimization to enter TOPs; and if the page has just appeared in TOP50 results, it is worth considering preparing appropriate texts.

SEO activities are aimed at positioning the website in such a way as to place it on the highest possible positions of the search results, on as many keywords as possible.

How to check the current position of the website on Google?

Of course, you can check the position of a page in Google manually – just type a given phrase in the search engine and see where it appears. However, a much more convenient, faster, and at the same time more functional solution is to use free or paid tools to monitor the visibility of the site on Google. These tools, in addition to the ability to track the site’s position, also provide access to other useful functions.

Free and paid SEO tools

A free tool that is often used by positioning specialists is Google Search Console. It is a powerful tool that allows you to track visibility in search results, focusing mainly on long tail phrases, as well as to determine the average position of the page at a given time, and also provides an insight into statistics on the display of specific phrases or page indexing. By combining the GSC with another, also free of charge tool from Google – Google Analytics – it is possible to monitor the website’s traffic and obtain information that will allow for a smooth control of the effectiveness of the chosen SEO strategy.

Paid tools can be distinguished by a lot. They allow, above all, to monitor the positions of key phrases that are popular. The list below includes some of the most popular tools used by SEO specialists

  • Senuto – a very popular tool, in which you can, among other things, check the visibility of the site, observe the history of the position (which allows you to effectively determine to which keywords the position has increased or decreased in a certain time), as well as compare the visibility of the site with competitors or use reports.
  • Semstorm – enables a broad analysis of the site both in terms of visibility and competition, as well as the quality of content on the site. It allows you to monitor the positions of pages and keywords – both those indicated by the user, as well as others, located on the site. The tool also allows you to check the visibility of any page, just enter its address.
  • Ahrefs – a comprehensive tool, which gives great possibilities to monitor not only the visibility but also many other aspects related to positioning. You can use it to monitor the position of your website over time, watch how it performs against the background of your competitors, or receive reports that inform you about changes appearing in the ranking.
  • ASPS – or Automatic Site Position Checking – is a powerful tool that provides, among other things, daily monitoring of the position of a particular phrase, comparing the position with a designated competitor or analyzing competition. ASPS stores the position history and also sends alerts about changes in positions so you can always be up to date.
  • Seostation – a tool that automatically checks the position of the page on a daily basis, provides the ability to monitor subdomains from a specific domain, whether it allows to manually refresh the position of 10% of the phrases. Moreover, it allows you to conveniently manage pages or clients, generate reports, tables and position charts.

What are the benefits of visibility monitoring tools?

Monitoring the website’s visibility in Google gives you a competitive advantage. It allows you to adjust your positioning strategy to the website and keep track of progress. With tools that monitor the results on an ongoing basis, it is possible to react quickly enough to inefficient SEO techniques. So you can eliminate elements that do not work and focus on activities that visibly increase the visibility of the site. It is also worth remembering that tools for monitoring website visibility provide a number of other functionalities and access to a lot of information or indicators that are important in the positioning process. Often the tools are also available in different packages, so you can adapt them to your preferences and business needs.

Author: Klaudia Przybylska,

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