Newspoint Guide – How to benefit from social media?

11 August 2020, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint has prepared another guide; this time we focused on the advantages of brand presence in social media. “How to benefit from social media” is a collection of ideas for business development, for every marketer and social media specialist, which are provided by meetings with users of the most popular social platforms in Poland. The e-book was enriched with practical advice from TOP industry experts.

E-book “How to benefit from social media” contains over 80 pages of innovative tips and ideas on how effective marketers operate in social media. In addition, there is a wealth of recent research and analysis from around the world and examples of social media use by Polish companies.

In this guide we write about:

  • what concerns marketers the most,
  • the main reasons for start-up failures,
  • the maturity stages of companies in social media,
  • marketing tactics supported by social media,
  • using social media to better understand the market,
  • choosing the right social media platforms to reach your audience,
  • keeping customers and attracting marketing and sales leads,
  • using social media to learn from your competitors,
  • taking care of employer branding,
  • analyzing your competitors,
  • social media monitoring,
  • setting the right time to publish posts.

In order to speed up the process of your brand’s success in social media, we asked market experts from MoreBananas, WhitePress, SocialMediaFAQ, Solski Communications, Lightness and Bluerank for their proven tips and tricks, which we included in this guide. Learn about their ideas and implement them in your company. Good luck!

You can download e-book “How to benefit from social media” in PL version.

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