Social media analytics

11 March 2021, Robert Sadowski

Social media crosses borders, content is the king, and data-driven marketing is the magic that has transformed the entire consumer journey and marketing strategy to be more personalized and optimized. Social media is one of the key channels to reach consumers, and the possibilities of tracking and analyzing specific activities in these media are simply endless.

However, the awareness of the need to track and analyze marketing and promotional activities carried out on various platforms and social channels is still insufficient. Marketers should make greater use of and incorporate social media analytics into their overall market plan. When we talk about social media analytics, we mean KPIs such as brand mentions, the amount of traffic on a given brand’s page on social media, the number of times an ad or individual posts are viewed, and much, much more, which you will learn from our special guide on “How to Measure PR? ”.

However, remember that data obtained from various social networking sites are unstructured and require additional functions in order to organize them and draw correct conclusions. Therefore, the automation of data collection, segmentation and analysis is increasing, and the most important question and areas that business should focus on is why do you collect and analyze this data? In other words, it’s important to maintain human instinct when collecting, analyzing, and planning for data usage. The key is to focus on the bigger picture, while maintaining a strategic point of view when analyzing results and data.

Media monitoring platforms such as Newspoint accurately collect and present data from various media sources in a single interface. They provide the user with the ability to track brands or navigate the ocean of data and online content. We will show further what the future of such social media analytics is.

5 key trends in social media analytics

What are the key trends in the development of social media analytics? We invite you to special travel. Download our ebook Social Media Analytics, where you learn more about:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Visual analytics
  • Prediction analysis
  • Blockchain
  • Business intelligence
  • and media monitoring tools

Using the right analysis and monitoring tool and then linking them to a research goal can enable the marketer to reach areas they could never deal with before.

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