Newspoint Dashboard Manual Guide

7 July 2022, Robert Sadowski

The Newspoint tool is used for media monitoring. Newspoint monitors all types of media (social media, portals, news websites, opinions, industry, vertical, forums, blogs, press and RTV). Provides worldwide coverage: 75 languages, 170 countries worldwide and the largest range of sources:

  • over 16 thousand Polish websites and over 150 thousand foreign websites,
  • the largest range of social media monitoring – over 50 million social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Quora, Vimeo, Slideshare, Pinterest, Disqus, GoldenLine, Blogspot, WordPress, …
  • unique coverage of blogs and forums20 000 sources from all over the world,
  • 1 200 press titles (nationwide, trade and local),
  • 200 radio & TV stations – copyright protection thanks to the contract with SW Repropol.

Companies use media monitoring for various activities. Gone are the days when monitoring was used only by press spokesmen, PR employees, journalists and communication specialists to measure the effectiveness of public relations activities and the appearance of brand mentions. The number of possible applications of media monitoring is almost unlimited. Media monitoring can also be used for:

  • watching the communication activities of the competition,
  • product development and getting to know opinions about it,
  • acquiring leads and new customers,
  • customer service and reacting to brand mentions,
  • supporting marketing activities and brand image research,
  • strengthening employer branding and helping HR departments,
  • strengthening SEO and finding new places from which we will obtain links,
  • copywriting and keyword database extensions,
  • preventing media crises,
  • influencer search and campaign effectiveness measurement,
  • evaluation of new business ideas,
  • analysis of industry trends and forecasts,
  • measuring the created contenu,
  • effectiveness of PR departments activity,
  • the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

All these goals can be achieved using the Newspoint Dashboard.

The Newspoint dashboard has unique functions:

  • AVE vs reach vs number of publications indicators,
  • Metadata (likes, shares, comments, video views, followers),
  • Share of voice and share of discussion,
  • Ability to monitor and exclude selected sources,
  • Monitoring of opinion leaders,
  • Monitoring the context of the speech,
  • Possibility to export data, statistics and indicators,
  • Whole Threads (download full discussion threads),
  • Search by authors of entries,
  • Generating a random sample when exporting data,
  • Tags (document labels).

We have prepared a comprehensive user manual guide for everyone interested in our Newspoint media monitoring tool. Download pdf file.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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