How will media monitoring affect the near future of digital marketing?

27 October 2022, Robert Sadowski

For a long time, marketers and communications specialists have relied on the use of attribution and conversion tracking tools that observe and research customer journeys using cookies. However, knowing the full path of consumers to conversions is not so straightforward due to the availability of a variety of the latest devices that customers use to make purchases. Current limitations of cookie tracking don’t help either.

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The way that brands currently promote themselves and their products or services has changed dramatically over the past decade. Digital marketing is taking the business world by storm.

Thanks to social media platforms, huge technological progress with regard to modern communication tools and the rise of influencer marketing, many brands are putting their digital marketing strategies at the forefront of everything they do.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing allows companies to conduct ongoing consumer research, acquire new sales leads by reaching a wider audience and establish better interactions with customers. Users in cyberspace love personalization, and digital marketing allows brands to be more interactive with customers than before, which contributes to creating loyalty, increasing interest in the company’s offer and helping build its awareness and image.

According to, most marketers agree on the importance of empathy and understanding consumer needs. Improving the customer experience and managing consumer journeys, next to strengthening data-driven marketing, came second – indicated by 25% of respondents.

These two top priorities go hand in hand. A perfectly planned customer journey is based on an in-depth insight into the data and a precise analysis of the results obtained. This is where tools – such as the Newspoint panel – come to help. It is a media monitoring platform based on the latest technology. Together with a qualified team of communications specialists, it creates the perfect recipe for strengthening awareness and building trust in the brand.

Customer experience – empathy and deep understanding of customer needs

Similarly, to meet the growing expectations of CX (customer experience), 60% of respondents said that empathy for the customer and a deep understanding of their needs will be crucial. Empathy is especially important in difficult times as brands that offer consumers real and tangible value (as we have seen during the pandemic) are more likely to win consumer favor. Once again, we have before us a dull-looking picture of reality. On the one hand, the war in Ukraine, and on the other, accelerating inflation and shortages of many necessary items. Marketers must pay particular attention to the needs of consumers. Listen to their opinions and learn about their expectations, guided by great understanding based on proven and reliable information.

Media monitoring tools can help create responsible digital marketing by:

  1. Customer research – understanding your target audience.
  2. Measuring consumer sentiment.
  3. Competition monitoring.
  4. Identifying the latest trends and industry news.
  5. Obtaining answers to inquiries from potential customers in cyberspace.
  6. Finding known influencers who can promote the brand and its services to a much
    larger audience.

The Internet has been and still is the main catalyst for change in almost every business, including in particular the media monitoring industry. With the emergence of more and more data and social platforms, the need for more comprehensive monitoring tools has grown. Nowadays, media monitoring agencies analyze complex variables such as sentiment, share of voice, interactions, engagement rates, etc. These factors help brands understand what, why and how they are being talked about online. Knowledge derived from such observations can help companies build marketing strategies and carry out responsible PR activities.

Artificial intelligence

In addition to the internet and social media, another huge factor in modern media monitoring is artificial intelligence. Automation has become so dominant in media monitoring that without it this business would not exist. This is because the number of sources and data published every minute is virtually countless. Nowadays, companies cannot afford to do everything by hand. Automation helps you find all relevant materials on a given topic, which means huge collections of content to analyze. It does this by integrating natural language processing and machine learning techniques. Artificial intelligence can manage the flow of information and alert you if there is a potential crisis noticed. The current state of media monitoring is that qualified teams of analysts carefully examine the data collected from platforms based on artificial intelligence to obtain the best and reliable results. Tools such as Newspoint are an absolutely necessary element in creating a digital marketing strategy. The future of media monitoring and the marketing industry brings with it the issue of cooperation between skilled personnel and artificial intelligence. The golden mean is to find the perfect balance between the invaluable human work and the speed and computing capabilities of machines and algorithms.

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Social media monitoring allows you to understand how your customers talk about their experiences by analyzing large amounts of data collected from various channels around the world. You can use this information as a way to promote your business while being empathetic towards your audience, building positive emotions and long-term relations. Research shows that customers who are emotionally connected have much more brand value.

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Media monitoring tools give the brand the opportunity to observe and follow new trends emerging all the time. Their analysis provides practical insights and brings broad topics to the bottom of the issue. Tools like Newspoint let you find mainstream or niche narratives and whether any of these topics are growing or slowing down. All of this, of course, helps steer you along the strategic path your brand should follow. In this way, you can determine the communication moves that need to be made in the line of digital marketing.

These days are the golden age of digital marketing. With the rise of online shopping, every forward thinking store needs a cyber marketing strategy to reach a younger audience and customers who practically live online. From large corporations to mid-sized enterprises to small, local businesses, everyone is entering the digital space. Of course, the overriding goal is to develop your business and take advantage of the Internet, whether in terms of gaining greater reach, or increasing sales and optimizing conversions. Digitization is becoming more and more popular.

The future of digital marketing is bright and promising. Digital marketing – compared to traditional way of marketing – offers several key benefits, e.g. improving CX and increasing acquisition, conversion and retention rates, which make it an effective and affordable promotion and awareness strategy for any brand.

Now is the time to change the way you do business and engage your customers. This is the appropriate moment to move beyond traditional forms of retail and TV advertising to reach today’s digitally savvy modern consumers

Industries are constantly changing and evolving. Having tools that will greatly facilitate the processes of brand promotion and communication is something absolutely crucial in the current technological era. And don’t forget the teams of skilled professionals who focus on understanding, researching and analyzing the results. They are also consumers and customers of brands for which corporations create their services and products. No one understands people’s desires better than another human being. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can only significantly facilitate the work and analysis of huge data sets downloaded from cyberspace.

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