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16 February 2022, Robert Sadowski

The influencer search engine in the Newspoint Panel

Newspoint, specializing in media monitoring, has released a new, developed influencer analytics module. It is a fully functional search engine for opinion leaders and the content they publish. The analytics covers activities on four social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

30 July 2021, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Features That You Might Not Know

Sometimes we use the same product almost every day, but we are not fully aware of all its possibilities. They can often increase the comfort of our work or save a lot of precious time. That’s why we present today some new, less known, or non-obvious features of Newspoint platform that you may find useful...

30 July 2020, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint functions that you probably don’t know

Sometimes we use a product almost every day, but we are not fully aware of all its possibilities. And they can sometimes make our work more comfortable or save a lot of time. That is why we are presenting some new, less known or unobvious features of the Newspoint tool, which may prove useful or...

18 July 2018, Robert Sadowski

Internet search engines and media monitoring – similarities and differences

In discussions about media monitoring, the topic is often not what works best, but what monitoring tools are better than traditional internet search engines. Followers of the latter claim that you can do the same with them using professional tools and for free. So why overpay?

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