28 February 2022, Robert Sadowski

Free media monitoring – help for Ukraine

Newspoint, comprehensive international media monitoring brand, introduces a free service for all Polish and Ukrainian institutions, local government organizations, public benefit units, foundations, associations and all support groups involved in helping Ukraine. Free access will be granted initially for a period of 90 days with the possibility of extension.

25 January 2022, Robert Sadowski

Semantic analysis in Newspoint

Newspoint offers semantic analysis of monitored articles, posts, advice and reviews. Because semantics is concerned with describing the meaning of phrases, sentences, and long texts, its application allows marketers to better understand what users think about their products and services. Manual analysis has been expanded to include automatic methods of the NLP classes, Clustering, Text...

4 January 2022, Robert Sadowski

SMS notifications – Newspoint monitoring with new functionality

Comprehensive media monitoring Newspoint has implemented an additional functionality – users can already receive notifications of the release of their most important publications via SMS to their smartphone.

8 December 2021, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint presents new website

The Newspoint company – specializing in comprehensive media monitoring – has implemented a new, responsive website. The new web better presents the current scope of services provided by the company and functionalities of the monitoring platform and media data analytics. Company content blog – which has been a separate internet site so far – merged...

13 October 2021, Robert Sadowski

Media monitoring is the key to optimizing brand communication

Media monitoring is the key to optimizing brand communication. This is the title of the interview with the CEO of Newspoint – Robert Stalmach, that came out on the blog Twingly is a leading provider of global data from social and news platforms. In the interview, the CEO of Newspoint, Robert Stalmach, addresses topics...

30 August 2021, Robert Sadowski

Innovative Newspoint – Futurology ranking

Newspoint is not only comprehensive media monitoring, but it’s also an innovative approach totechnology, which we focus on when developing our application. All the more, we feel very honoredthat we are included in the ranking of the 90 most innovative companies using Machine Learning in Poland according to Futurology.

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