Innovative Newspoint – Futurology ranking

30 August 2021, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint is not only comprehensive media monitoring, but it’s also an innovative approach to
technology, which we focus on when developing our application. All the more, we feel very honored
that we are included in the ranking of the 90 most innovative companies using Machine Learning in Poland according to Futurology.

The article „90 Most Innovative Poland Based Machine Learning Companies” of the Futurology
presents the best Polish companies that rely on Machine Learning in their activities. Newspoint was
ranked alongside brands like Synerise, Sparkbit and Semantive.

The selection was made on the basis of specific criteria, but was not limited to the size of the
company. Among the awarded there are both smaller and larger organizations, as well as the most
modern startups and well-known brands.

The final list of the 90 most innovative companies in Poland using Machine Learning was created on
the basis of above-average results in one of the following categories:

  • innovation (innovative ideas, innovative market debut, innovative product)
  • growth (exceptionally large growth, exceptional development strategy)
  • management
  • social impact

Such distinctions confirm our beliefs that the work we do is noticed and appreciated by others. These rankings and honorbale mentions become even more motivation for us to act! Thank you so much.

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