23 September 2019, Robert Sadowski

Control your social buzz

Social buzz is an inseparable element of social media. However, this is not a new thing. We have and we still deal with it in the press or when using television or radio. However, its scale has changed – the spread of the internet and the astronomical mass of information generated in social media is...

7 August 2019, Robert Sadowski

“Effective activities in social media” Newspoint guide

Newspoint has prepared a guide “Effective activities in social media” for every marketer conducting promotional activities on social media platforms. 8 chapters contain tips focused on defining goals and KPIs, increasing efficiency, improving visibility, conducting systematic analytics and measuring effects, improving organizational matters and establishing security policy. The e-book was adorned with the advice of...

21 May 2019, Robert Sadowski

Media Audit – Newspoint Guide

The Newspoint analysis and marketing team has prepared a comprehensive “Media Audit” Guide for every marketer and PR-worker who moves with the times. It contains all the information how to analyze the media activity of your own company and brand and how to compare yourself with the competition. What to measure in individual channels to...

9 April 2019, Robert Sadowski

Influencer marketing from A to Z

Today the first Polish influencer book “Influencer marketing from A to Z” had its premiere published by WhitePress. Newspoint took part in creating a compilation of the most inspiring profiles of Polish influencers.

27 February 2019, Robert Sadowski

Media monitoring for local governments

Advantages of media monitoring and examples of use by local governments. In today’s era of the huge popularity of social media, everyone wants to be up to date with events that take place nearby. Nobody wants to be left out. In the company of friends and colleagues it is worth knowing what is going on...

12 February 2019, Robert Sadowski

How to engage your fans on social media even more?

Promotion in social media is a fantastic way to develop business marketing. It’s free, you can create your posts whenever you want and how often you want, and the reach of recipients is theoretically unlimited. Any online sales expert will say that there is no point in wasting time and energy sending content if you...

5 February 2019, Robert Sadowski

Code of good practice for the brand – how to operate effectively on social platforms?

In order to operate effectively on social media platforms, you should consider the space in which we build our messages. You have to remember about competition and the industry environment, and above all about clients, customers and partners. Sometimes connecting all recipients in one place can lead to information noise and inefficiency of conducted communication....

29 January 2019, Robert Sadowski

Summary of 2018 in social media

Newspoint, as a media monitoring company, collects and archives millions of documents: posts, comments, articles, blog entries, graphic materials and photos. On the basis of the most-important sources for the brands on the Internet and entries, we are able to show annual trends, the most frequently posted days of the week and hours broken down...

10 August 2018, Robert Sadowski

Journalism and media monitoring

There are professions in the world, which are a mission for people practicing them. Most often they require dedication and large amounts of work. Journalism is one of them. An efficient journalist should quickly respond to new events, know where to look for information about them and be able to pass them on. It does...

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