9 January 2018, Robert Sadowski

How to improve your Employer Branding

Monitoring the situation on the labor market with the use of media monitoring tools is a new opportunity for the employer. Thanks to this, you can build a strong brand of employer faster and more effectively and deal with all the changes that take place around your company on an ongoing basis.

15 December 2017, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Report – analytics and monitoring of influencers

According to many marketers’ research, influencer marketing is currently the fastest growing method of acquiring customers online, leaving behind SEM, SEO, mailings or display advertising. With the increase of this popularity, there is a growing need to measure the effects of cooperation with influencers. Marketers need so-called common denominator – they want to know in...

6 December 2017, Robert Sadowski

A research process based on data from net – what you need to know

Over 93% of Polish teenagers use the Internet every day (“Teen 3.0” study). As PwC research shows, every fourth Internet user uses the network 24 hours a day, and 36% are online from eight to twelve hours a day. What are the effects? First of all, we’re producing more and more content. In addition, the...

6 October 2017, Robert Sadowski

Marketing and PR in Poland ’17

Attention Marketing has published a report that analyzes the functioning of marketing and PR departments in medium and large companies in Poland. Newspoint’s CEO – Robert Stalmach gave him expert commentary. What will we find in the report?

14 September 2017, Robert Sadowski

Big changes in Newspoint – new influencers panel, new logos and visual identification

Newspoint refreshes its brand by introducing a new panel and changing the entire visual identity; logo, website and graphic materials. These changes reflect the continued international development of Newspoint in the field of data analytics and media monitoring. The new visual identification underlines the precision of data monitoring by Newspoint, the transparency and functionality of...

11 August 2017, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint among the 50 best start-ups in Europe!

Newspoint offering comprehensive data analytics from the media was invited to participate in one of the largest accelerators of startups in Europe “weXelerate”.

4 January 2017, Robert Sadowski

Media monitoring with a magnifying glass for observing Internet users

“The panel is meant to be, metaphorically speaking, the key that opens the door to our clients to the world of analysis of the behavior and views of the media and their recipients. Or differently: it is a magnifying glass through which Internet users can be observed “- this is a quote from an interview...

15 November 2016, Robert Sadowski

Conversion rates in the media monitoring industry

When running a commercial website, the conversion rate is very important. In short, this is a desirable activity performed by a potential customer on the website. Usually it is, among others subscribing to the newsletter, placing an order or signing up for a service test. What are the conversion rates in the media monitoring industry?...

9 November 2016, Robert Sadowski

From information to knowledge, or how to make use of media monitoring?

A lot of messages that reach us or are at your fingertips are difficult to process. Finding useful information in a less-than-meaning maze can be a big problem. This article will answer the question how to go from knowledge to information, or how to make use of media monitoring.

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