Big changes in Newspoint – new influencers panel, new logos and visual identification

14 September 2017, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint refreshes its brand by introducing a new panel and changing the entire visual identity; logo, website and graphic materials. These changes reflect the continued international development of Newspoint in the field of data analytics and media monitoring. The new visual identification underlines the precision of data monitoring by Newspoint, the transparency and functionality of the new panel, and the new dimensions of the influencers and metadata.

Newspoint has been present on the Polish market since 2007. It was introduced as a solution for monitoring websites as the first such service in Poland. In subsequent years, the Newspoint offer expanded to include a monitoring system for social and traditional media as well as research and analysis. Refreshing the visual identification and the new panel signal the new, global stage of the company’s development.

“From the beginning of our operation on the market, we have been trying to co-create trends in the development of applications for data analytics from the media. We are constantly striving to provide services of the highest quality – both in terms of functionality and technology. The effect of these efforts is our global coverage of sources – over 150,000 news websites, 50 million social media sources, 1200 press titles and 200 RTV stations from 75 languages and 170 countries around the world. The new visual identity is a sign that we are constantly moving forward, ” says Robert Stalmach, president of Newspoint.

The company’s new logo is based on the entry of the Newspoint name. A distinctive distinguishing element in the logotype is an orange dot placed under “i”. It is meant to symbolize data collected from billions of other “dots” are aggregated, ordered and filtered in accordance with the expectations of customers. The new user panel, visual identification and website are designed to facilitate the use of the advanced functions of the Newspoint application, among others influencers and metadata analysis.

“Imagine a situation that we are looking for information on influencers of any brand. The key is to set search parameters such as the types of media analyzed, coverage, gender, overtone, and advertising value. Based on these criteria, we are able to provide users with precise search results from around the world. This is the power of Newspoint. And this symbolizes our logo “– says Robert Stalmach.

A key element of the change is the new Newspoint panel. Simplicity of use combined with functionality is its main design assumptions. The use of the new Newspoint panel is fully intuitive, and the client can easily create profiles, queries, view results, statistics and configure alerts. New in the panel is the ability to analyze data on influencers and metadata from social media (likes, shares, comments, views, followers).

“The new Newspoint panel is completely self-service. It gives the possibility of fully configuring projects and electronic payments, generating statistics, reports and creating alerts. For Newspoint, this means entering the field of offering services in the SaaS model. The new tool is not only a new look, functions and technologies but, last but not least, this SaaSuality, thanks to which we can more easily acquire new foreign markets.” adds Robert Stalmach.


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Robert Stalmach

CEO of Newspoint

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