26 June 2018, Robert Sadowski

Mariusz Mika responsible for New Business at Newspoint

Mariusz Mika went from Datarino to Newspoint – a company dealing with media monitoring, influencers and big data. He assumed the position of Head of New Business. Mariusz’s role will be acquiring new clients for comprehensive analytical services based on data from monitoring and increasing the income of Newspoint.

24 May 2018, Robert Sadowski

“Women in IT” – the premiere of the report

The percentage share of women among students at technical universities is constantly increasing, and more often girls decide to learn programming. On May 23, 2018, the Carrots Foundation, supporting women in the IT industry, presented the results of the analysis of the situation of women in the IT industry in Poland. The premiere of the...

12 April 2018, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint summarizes the participation in weXelerate and encourages startups and scaleups for the next edition of the Accelerator Program

In August 2017, Newspoint was selected for the first edition of the Accelerator Program at weXelerate – one of the largest startup accelerators in Europe. From over 1,000 applications from 72 countries to the program, after the selection process, 52 startups from 14 countries were invited, including only two from Poland. The 4 month Acceleration...

21 March 2018, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint report: Generations in Poland and the need to monitor their growing activity

According to the Central Statistical Office, the number of residents in Poland at 30 June 2017 was 38.422 million women and men. By reaching more accurate data, we can analyze the number of people born in the following years. And hence, close to the statement, how many people currently represent specific generations. Generations whose names...

19 March 2018, Robert Sadowski

Robert Sadowski from the Netsprint Group to Newspoint

Robert Sadowski went from the Netsprint Group to Newspoint – a company dealing with media monitoring, influencers and big data. He became a digital marketing manager. The role of Robert Sadowski will be a comprehensive responsibility for the communication and promotion of the Newspoint brand and support for the development of the SaaS platform. Earlier,...

13 March 2018, Robert Sadowski

How to use Facebook to get Employer Branding

Social media these days are multifunctional tools for communication not only between friends, but also those related to marketing and image activities. It is no wonder that employers also see the potential of platforms such as Facebook in employer branding activities. What’s more, with the rapid development of social media and, hence, Internet communication, activities...

7 February 2018, Robert Sadowski

Summary of 2017 in social media with the eyes of Newspoint

The beginning of the year is the period of all summaries. Some comment, others anticipate, and we dug in our Newspoint utility for media monitoring, petabytes of words, hundreds of terabytes of data and billions of documents. We warmed up all hard drives to red. We analyzed entries archived in 2017 on popular social media...

24 January 2018, Robert Sadowski

An Extraordinary Adventure. Newspoint in the WeXelerate finals

Application, great distinction, success, knowledge, contacts and fun. In short, we can summarize the four months of Newspoint’s adventure with one of the largest European start-up accelerators in Europe – weXelerate.

16 January 2018, Robert Sadowski

It was a good time for Newspoint. Robert Stalmach sums up 2017.

We present the interview with CEO Newspoint – Robert Stalmach, in which he summarizes the year 2017. The conversation was made by Robert Sadowski – our Digital Marketing Manager who joined the team at the end of the year.

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