An Extraordinary Adventure. Newspoint in the WeXelerate finals

24 January 2018, Robert Sadowski

Application, great distinction, success, knowledge, contacts and fun. In short, we can summarize the four months of Newspoint’s adventure with one of the largest European start-up accelerators in Europe – weXelerate.

In August last year, we received great news. We have been selected from over 1,000 applications to participate in one of the largest start-up accelerators in Europe. Finding ourselves among the 50 best applications was a great honor for us. The fact that our activities have been appreciated abroad was extremely constructive and motivated to get even more involved in what we do best  – media monitoring. At that time, we did not know what exactly could be behind this project and we could not wait for the first trip to Vienna.




One of our priorities in the market is to inform our customers about what is happening in our company. Therefore, the first step, after we learned about the admission  to weXelerate (and we praised ?) was to record a short interview with CEO Newspoint – Robert Stalmach – about what this project is and what we can both contribute to it and receive.

The aim of the project is primarily a kind of facilitation of young projects, enabling them to cooperate with each other, also with the help of expert advice. From our point of view, counseling was not so important, because we are already at the first stage of development, but more acquiring new contacts, additional knowledge, which is never too much. Also important to us were the ideas of large and well-known brands that participated in the project, such as Deutsche Telekom Microsoft, Swarovski, Google, Uber, Siemens, Reiffeisen, Uniqa, Wien Energie, Volksbank or T-mobile. We are also coming out with our services to the German-speaking market, so we take all the advice we want to best adapt our services to the needs of recipients.




In October, it was time for the first trip to Vienna. We had some expectations and we were full of optimism. However, what we saw on the spot exceeded our wildest expectations. Very good organization, great people, sea of contacts and even more knowledge. Well, and beautiful Vienna … We regretted that we could only spend a few days there. However, they were full of positive actions. And although we had little time to take pictures and make materials, we prepared something for everyone interested. We have changed this in a short video summarizing the expedition.

We could not wait for the next trips.Everyone was curious about adventures, meeting new friends and interesting events, like Startup Fair or VR Breakfast. ? We worked and worked there a lot, but there was also time to play. People in weXelerate know how to have fun. Events such as GRAND OPENING are remembered for a long time and remember well.




The January events were the summary of the whole project – Investor Day and Demo Day. Of course, we would not be ourselves if we did not present some statistics about the events ?. During Investor Day, 130 investors had the chance to meet 50 startups. The whole event lasted 9 hours!

Startup accelerators offer great opportunities for both beginner companies and in our case, those that have already started. For us, the adventure with weXelerate was a great experience that gave us a big kick to act. We have been appreciated in Europe as the only Polish company. We gained many new contacts and we could share our experience with brands from all over Europe. We also met privately, wonderful people with whom we still keep in touch. It was a good time!

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