It was a good time for Newspoint. Robert Stalmach sums up 2017.

16 January 2018, Robert Sadowski

We present the interview with CEO Newspoint – Robert Stalmach, in which he summarizes the year 2017. The conversation was made by Robert Sadowski – our Digital Marketing Manager who joined the team at the end of the year.


75 languages, 170 countries, 15 billion documents, a new panel, visual identification and participation in the accelerator. It was a year full of challenges, but also many successes for Newspoint. This is another year of big changes. Tell us more about it.


Robert Stalmach: First of all, we presented a completely new user panel, with the influencers module and metadata, and at the same time, we comprehensively changed the visual identification – we introduced a new logo, presentation standards and a new website. In the new panel, you can search for influencers according to their reach, advertising value, overtone, gender, media types. You can also analyze and filter publications in terms of 5 types of metadata – likes, shares, comments, views and followers. And all this for 75 languages from 170 countries around the world! In addition to the modern look and functions, the panel is also completely new technologies. The modular architecture based on Java and Angular gives us the possibility of a much faster development of the tool than before. The panel is very intuitive and self-service, we feel that the combination of the quality of the Newspoint data with a completely new user panel gave a good effect.


How did the customers react to the new panel?


Robert Stalmach: Of course, the most valuable reviewer are our clients who have accepted our new panel very positively. We are happy with the many warm words that we have heard from them about our new look & feel. For sure in 2018 we will continue to develop our tool intensively – there will be new functions and layers of data.

We try to be data-driven, we develop reporting and we follow results so that we still optimize our activities and processes. We want clients to offer not only data, but also their analysis. We aspire to be advisors and not just a data provider. Thanks to this, we have had a very low, perhaps the lowest rate of customer turnover in the market for years.

Thank you for that!


I know that the new panel has contributed to the increase in the number of customers.


Robert Stalmach: To a large extent thanks to the new user panel, we managed to acquire about 100 new customers, including such brands as PayU, Bank Millenium, Kantar, Vogue, CBRE or PGE National Stadium. We are happy that we can cooperate with you!


What are your priorities?


Robert Stalmach: One of our priorities is to constantly increase the coverage of all media – we consistently add new sources of social media (including forums and blogs), portals and news websites, press titles, magazines, radio stations and TV channels. At the moment, we are monitoring over 15,000 polish websites and over 150,000 foreign. The number of collected social media sources goes into millions, and the growth is exponential. We already have over 15 billion documents from 10 years in the index of all media. We are determined to continue to be the market leader in this respect.


I heard that you have been appreciated abroad.


Robert Stalmach: Our potential has been recognized by WeXelerate – one of the largest accelerators in Europe. The program partners are, among others Google, Uber, Microsoft, Swarovski, Siemens, Reiffeisen, Uniqa, Wien Energie, Volksbank, T-mobile and many other top companies. We have been selected as one of 50 entities out of over 1000 applications from around the world! It is a great ennoblement for us and satisfaction from the recognition of our hard work. Consultation with mentors, meetings with representatives of companies cooperating with WeXelerate, investors and ongoing contacts with other start-ups in Vienna, we perceive as a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and opportunities looking at our business through a global perspective.


Two reports have appeared on the market. Please tell me more about these publications.


Robert Stalmach: We have published two reports prepared together with our partners and warmly received on the market. One about analytics and influencer marketing and the other about independent Polish fashion brands. You can download the report on influences from

Certainly, we will continue this quasi-publishing activity in 2018. Soon we will summarize the year with interesting data from our panel on blogging, posting and vlogging. Trivia and trends. We also release a report on best practices that will improve employer branding through brand monitoring.


We are waiting for these new publications and I wish you all success and success in 2018.


Robert Stalmach: Thank you very much. At the end I wanted to point out that all the projects mentioned above, development and efforts would not make sense if it were not for our CLIENTS – all from freelancers and smallest companies to top Polish and global brands. It is thanks to you that we are here, where we are and we can develop.


There would also be no success, if not exceptional people with whom we have the opportunity to work on a daily basis. Without their hard work and faith that what we do makes sense, nothing can be achieved.

Thank you for that! May the next year, for all of us, be even better than 2017

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