Newspoint dashboard

2 June 2022, Robert Sadowski

Export statistics in the Newspoint panel

Newspoint, which specializes in comprehensive media monitoring, offers the ability to export data on which diagrams and statistics are created in the panel. This feature is intended to make it easier to create your own quantitative alerts and extract data into dedicated KPIs. 

16 February 2022, Robert Sadowski

The influencer search engine in the Newspoint Panel

Newspoint, specializing in media monitoring, has released a new, developed influencer analytics module. It is a fully functional search engine for opinion leaders and the content they publish. The analytics covers activities on four social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

12 January 2022, Robert Sadowski

Why should you use the competition modules in the Newspoint Panel?

The Newspoint panel offers access to two interesting modules – Competition and Industry. Why is it worth using them? Above all, they give you the opportunity to see how your competitors are doing and how your company or brand is doing compared to them. These are important tools to help you plan your activities, identify...

30 September 2021, Robert Sadowski

New languages in the Newspoint panel

Since the beginning of the week, the Newspoint dashboard has been able to set new languages that are somewhat exotic to us: 🇲🇾 Malay and 🇹🇭 Thai.

10 August 2021, Robert Sadowski

We are improving Facebook monitoring

Newspoint introduces a new, efficient and fast Facebook monitoring mechanism, important for everyone who is interested in the high quality of collecting and analyzing data from fan pages on this platform. Thanks to the integration with Facebook, each client of Newspoint media monitoring – with the access to this medium enabled – will be able...

30 July 2021, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Features That You Might Not Know

Sometimes we use the same product almost every day, but we are not fully aware of all its possibilities. They can often increase the comfort of our work or save a lot of precious time. That’s why we present today some new, less known, or non-obvious features of Newspoint platform that you may find useful...

22 September 2020, Robert Sadowski

Instruction, how to set up simple queries in the Newspoint panel.

With this short instruction, we’ll show you how to set up simple queries in the Newspoint panel.

30 July 2020, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint functions that you probably don’t know

Sometimes we use a product almost every day, but we are not fully aware of all its possibilities. And they can sometimes make our work more comfortable or save a lot of time. That is why we are presenting some new, less known or unobvious features of the Newspoint tool, which may prove useful or...

26 February 2020, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint monitors TikTok

From the beginning of 2020, Newspoint – a media monitoring platform – has been expanding its offer with another key source – TikTok. Thus, it significantly increases the global coverage of monitored sources, which already exceeds 150 thousand news sites, 50 million social media sources, 1200 press titles and 200 RTV stations from 75 languages...

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