New format available in data export

27 January 2023, Robert Sadowski

To meet the needs of Newspoint customers who use the panel for comprehensive media monitoring, a new functionality has been implemented.Searched publications from a project or tag can be additionally exported in .html format and received directly by e-mail. This form is very similar to the alert notifications sent by the tool.

Until now, it was possible to download data and publications as .docx, .xlsx, .pdf and .csv files. Thanks to the new functionality, customers can take advantage of another form of data presentation and archiving. 

Users accustomed to traditional alerts can send such a report from:

  • back data,
  • any data period,
  • once

In addition, the option of exporting from tags allows you to send an “alert” from individual documents selected by the client. These can be, for example, the most important articles from a given period, publications on a selected issue or those that we want to familiarize the management with, a supervisor, other co-workers or clients in the case of agency access.

The export functionality in .html format is especially important for customers who prefer to view or archive data directly in the mailbox. Compared to a traditional alert, the customer has the option of downloading data in this format, e.g. from historical documents and a longer period, focusing on all or only selected publications in the tags. In this way, you can easily distribute the key publications of the week or month to specific recipients or send yourself a report summarizing communication or other activity. 

In the export settings window, we get the option to:

  • enter the e-mail addresses to which the notification is to be sent,
  • choose a name (message title),
  • choose a message template.

The functionality is in the data export section (Publications -> export -> one-time mail). The option is available when there are less than 1000 publications in the selected project in the selected date range. The function can be used by all customers using any Newspoint pricing package.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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