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26 February 2020, Robert Sadowski

From the beginning of 2020, Newspoint – a media monitoring platform – has been expanding its offer with another key source – TikTok. Thus, it significantly increases the global coverage of monitored sources, which already exceeds 150 thousand news sites, 50 million social media sources, 1200 press titles and 200 RTV stations from 75 languages and 170 countries. TikTok is a video platform dedicated to mobile devices, in which over 500 million users are already active worldwide. Enables the publication of short, 15-second videos.

Newspoint has been present on the Polish market since 2007. It was created to monitor websites, as the first service of this type in Poland. In subsequent years, Newspoint’s offer was expanded to include a system that monitors social and traditional media (press and TV), as well as studies, reports, analyzes and audits based on monitored data. Since 2020, the TikTok website has been added to the monitored sources.

The data that Newspoint collects from TikTok when creating a new profile in the database is: nickname, url of the title page, unique_id, user_id and a link to the user’s profile picture. For the needs of the client, profile profile collection can be expanded to include the number of accounts that the user watches, the number of fans, the number of likes and the number of videos.

In the Newspoint panel we can receive data from the individual TikTok posts:

  • link to the post
  • creation date
  • author
  • content of the post
  • number of comments
  • number of likes
  • number of shares
  • name and title of the background song

The next stage of monitoring will include collecting tags from individual posts.

According to the “TikTok user in Poland” study conducted by the Open Mobi agency in autumn 2019, TikTok users spend money primarily on clothes, shoes, sweets, drinks, cosmetics, electronics and games. And brands from these particular industries first appeared on TikTok, indirectly encouraging to increase interest in their brand. The service even makes it possible to perfectly reach minors. More and more companies are placing products in the collaboration with selected influential tiktoker or setting up their own profiles on TikTok. The growing popularity of the site and the growing number of its users means the necessity to monitor the content appearing there concerning our and competitive brands‘ – says Robert Stalmach, the CEO of Newspoint.

‘TikTok – real people – real videos’ is a platform for creative video creators – mainly representatives of the Alpha and Z generation. Each post can receive a like, a comment and even an invitation to create a duet with another tiktoker. Every post can be also shared and added to favorites. There are over 2.5 million active users in Poland and over 500 million users worldwide and these numbers are growing dynamically. Most of them create short videos called tiktoks. Tiktokers usually record themselves, mainly for the purposes of challenges (popular #hashtagchallenge format). Most users record tiktoks at home, in their free time – after school and on weekends. The main users of the application are women aged 11-13 (53%) and 14-17 years (21%). Men constitute only 15% of the platform’s community. Users enter the application on average 9 times a day and spend on average 45 minutes a day in it.

According to the TikTok regulations, users who are at least 13 years old can create an account. Downloading the application does not mean having to create an account. You can watch movies as an anonymous user. According to recent data, TikTok is one of the few social media reporting an increase in average session duration. At the same time, it is the third of the most downloaded applications in Poland (the first is Messenger and the second is WhatsApp).

Newspoint invites you to submit tiktokers’ profiles which may be valuable for various brands. All relevant proposals will be considered and indexed by the system.

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