27 January 2023, Robert Sadowski

New format available in data export

To meet the needs of Newspoint customers who use the panel for comprehensive media monitoring, a new functionality has been implemented.Searched publications from a project or tag can be additionally exported in .html format and received directly by e-mail. This form is very similar to the alert notifications sent by the tool.

1 June 2022, Mateusz Pałka

How to choose a quality media monitoring tool?

Choosing a good media monitoring tool is not an easy task. We have free tools, such as Google Alerts, and paid tools – both domestic and foreign. What to pay special attention to in order not to overpay and have access to all publications that interest us?

12 January 2022, Robert Sadowski

Why should you use the competition modules in the Newspoint Panel?

The Newspoint panel offers access to two interesting modules – Competition and Industry. Why is it worth using them? Above all, they give you the opportunity to see how your competitors are doing and how your company or brand is doing compared to them. These are important tools to help you plan your activities, identify...

30 July 2021, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Features That You Might Not Know

Sometimes we use the same product almost every day, but we are not fully aware of all its possibilities. They can often increase the comfort of our work or save a lot of precious time. That’s why we present today some new, less known, or non-obvious features of Newspoint platform that you may find useful...

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