TOP 25 best media monitoring tools for 2023

22 December 2022, Robert Sadowski

More and more marketers and PR specialists from SMEs and corporations use media monitoring tools. And not only them. The target group is PR agencies and HR agencies, promotion departments, sports clubs, local governments, public administration, foundations and associations. The goal is primarily to track mentions of your own brand and competitors, assess the overtones of published publications and learn about all analytical indicators.

Monitoring is the use of specialized software for tracking, filtering and analyzing publications appearing in the media based on selected keywords and phrases. Manual monitoring is too time-consuming and has a large error of not reaching key entries, articles, audio-video materials, photos or comments. It’s also a waste of time that could be spent on other projects.

It is worth doing such media monitoring well and automating all activities using the most functional tools. If we do not do this at all, we lose the chance for new sales leads, we will not take part in the discussion about our brand in social media, and worst of all, we expose ourselves to image crises. 

Media monitoring has many other advantages and facilitates:

  • analysis of press releases distribution,
  • improving customer service and reaching questions and doubts,
  • analysis of competition activities in the media,
  • improving the functioning of employer branding,
  • better protection of brand reputation,
  • searching for the best influencers for the brand, 
  • establishing contacts with partners and journalists writing about the industry,
  • developing a brand presence strategy in social media,
  • scheduling a new content creation calendar,
  • learning about industry trends,
  • product development with new functionalities,
  • measuring and maximizing return on investment in marketing campaigns,
  • and most importantly, it allows you to save time and money spent on this type of activity if you had to do it manually.

Many social media monitoring tools also give you the ability to directly respond to comments and message posts directly from the monitoring platform without having to go to and log in to each instance separately. This shortens the time and allows for efficient management of our profiles. After all, being active in social media means daily management of all platforms on which we are present and reacting quickly to what is happening there: liking comments, answers to questions, thanks for recommendations, joining conversations, following partners and competition, sharing interesting posts and much more.

There are also tools that integrate with well-known and often used marketing applications: Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Slack, Hootsuite…

Since we know how important media monitoring is and why monitor the media at all, it is worth doing research on the tools available on the market, testing the most interesting ones and making the right choice.

Which media monitoring tools should catch your attention? Here are the most functional 25 for 2023 (in our opinion):

1. Newspoint

Newspoint is the earliest Polish internet monitoring tool launched on the market in 2007. Currently Newspoint monitors all types of media (social media, portals, information services, opinions, industry, vertical, forums, blogs, press and RTV). Provides worldwide coverage: 75 languages, 170 countries of the world and the largest range of sources:

  • over 16 thousand Polish websites and over 150 thousand foreign websites,
  • the largest scope of social media monitoring – over 50 million social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Pinterest, Disqus, Quora, GoldenLine, Blogspot, WordPress, podcasts…
  • unique coverage of blogs and forums – 20,000 sources from around the world
  • 1,500 press titles (national, industry and local),
  • 200 radio & TV stations.

Competitive advantages of Newspoint:

  • the largest collection of Polish language data sources
  • speed of data collection: from real time for selected websites (e.g. Twitter), from portals up to 10 minutes after publication on the web
  • advanced search – extensive possibilities of defining search criteria (e.g. inflection, exclusions, contexts, logical operators)
  • comprehensive analytical services (text analysis, text mining, influencer mapping, image crisis, social media analytics)
  • full consultant care
  • unlimited number of keyword changes in projects
  • alerts with any frequency (periodic, continuous, real time, crisis)
  • no clipping limit
  • influencer search engine (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube platforms)
  • 10+ year data archive

Unique features of the media monitoring panel:

  • AVE vs Reach vs Volume
  • Metadata (likes, shares, comments, video views, followers)
  • Gender
  • Share of voice and share of discussion
  • Ability to monitor and exclude selected sources
  • Reach vs Resonance
  • Monitoring opinion leaders (influencers)
  • Monitoring the context of statements
  • Ability to export data, statistics and indicators
  • Wholethreads (download entire discussion threads)
  • Search by authors
  • Generating a random sample when exporting data
  • Tags (document labels)

2. Meltwater 

Meltwater is a precision social media monitoring tool with a suite of social media management, audience insights, community monitoring, sentiment analysis, and influencer management, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

They track over 300,000 online news sources, work with multiple platforms to monitor print and broadcast, and monitor social media conversations in real-time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, comments, review sites, forums, message boards and more than 300 million blogs.

They offer several different TV and radio monitoring options – fully integrated with other products, so you can choose the one that’s best for your region.

They allow you to monitor over 15 different social media channels (including access to all Twitter content), blogs, comments, news articles and product reviews.

They monitor over 25,000 podcasts globally, with the ability to add podcasts to our capture network if they don’t cover what you need.

The large number of widgets allows customers to seamlessly create dashboards that help visualize media coverage and report ROI on PR and marketing efforts. Everything is interactive and data can be exported to give more context to the numbers.

Meltwater provides unlimited searches to filter a gigantic data pool of 200 billion conversations – worldwide.

Once you’ve compiled the most relevant searches, you can turn them into detailed reports to help you refine and improve KPIs, or turn them into easy-to-understand visualizations to present to management or board of directors.

Meltwater is a powerhouse in social media analytics. It is supported 24/7 by a multilingual service team.

3. Mention

Mention is a social media listening and monitoring solution that enables brands and agencies to understand the perceptions of their social media and online audiences. Using Mention, you can easily monitor what is being said about a brand or product online, get comprehensive analytics about their industry, and measure the impact of your marketing and PR efforts.

Mention is a streamlined and easy-to-use tool with robust analytics, cross-platform coverage, and simple functionality, best suited for social listening for small and medium brands. You can track brand mentions, perform simple real-time searches for both competitors and public figures (e.g. filtered by channel, language and date) and receive daily brand mention notifications from the last 24 hours.

You can also set up very advanced alerts to be notified of a recent spike in mentions, which is critical to making the most of your reader sentiment surge or managing PR mistakes. The Standard Alert includes a query builder to help you combine keywords and operators without worrying about combining rules. Select monitoring filters to further narrow your scope by source, country, and language. Using the advanced alert you will harness the power of Boolean search and completely customize your monitoring using up to 2000 characters.

Mention monitors over 1 billion sources across the web, including news articles, review sites, forums and blogs. Thanks to this, you will discover trends in conversations, filter and analyze data from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, you can easily enter a draft message, schedule its publication and post on many channels.

4. Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

Brandwatch is the industry’s leading social media management solution. It offers AI-enhanced data from over 100 million social and online sources, helping data-driven organizations better understand what consumers think about their brands, products, and industry trends and topics. The lessons learned from this data can help companies make faster, smarter decisions that better connect them to consumers.

Advantages of the tool:

  • Historical data from 12 months of consumer data and 7 years of competitor channel analysis
  • Competitive Comparison – find trending content and understand your share of voice
  • Customizable performance measurement dashboards
  • Works with integrated content calendar and approval flows to ensure quality branded content across campaigns and teams
  • Manage your community in one easy-to-use and customizable inbox. You increase customer loyalty while strengthening team collaboration.
  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, …
  • Integrations – you get access to everything you need to succeed on social media.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an end-to-end community management solution that enables clients to achieve better results in their social media strategies. Sprout Social is about better communicating with your audience, streamlining publishing processes, real-time collaboration, and turning social data into actionable insights at scale.

The easy-to-use Sprout Social platform is simple and intuitive enough to get started in minutes, yet powerful enough to support the largest enterprises. With an all-in-one solution covering social media posting, engagement, analytics, reviews, social commerce and social listening, Sprout Social is one of the best social media management solutions out there.

The web app integrates with Twitter, Facebook fan pages, LinkedIn, and other networks where consumers interact with businesses and brands. In addition to communication tools, Sprout Social offers contact management, competitive insights, lead generation, reporting, analytics, and much more.

While Sprout is primarily a social media management tool for SMEs and for handling daily content posting, it also offers a media monitoring feature.

With a smart inbox at the heart of your dashboard, you can move news, mentions, and tags from your main channels to one central hub, instead of switching between networks to track notifications. By configuring inbox filtering and tagging options, you make it easier to prioritize interactions and save time to focus on your most valuable online analytics opportunities.

You can also track top conversations by setting up a keyword search to search for brand and product mentions. Sprout’s Trend Reports provide insight into Twitter (and other major social networks’) performance, showing you where your efforts are leading, and offering a breakdown by top hashtags, trending topics, and famous public figures.

Key features

  • Profile Performance Report – access a high-level performance overview across all connected profiles to quickly assess your progress on social platforms.
  • Tag Report – access an overview of incoming and outgoing tagged messages to easily analyze the number, performance patterns and effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Post-Campaign Performance Report – post-level cross-channel performance analysis to understand what resonates and why.
  • Competitor Reports – social media competitor scores to compare with your own and identify new opportunities in your industry.
  • Team reports and tasks – how quickly and how often individual users respond to social messages and complete assigned tasks to measure team productivity and improve customer service.
  • Paid Performance Report – evaluate your community ads across channels and audiences to identify the best performing campaigns and optimize future ad spend.

6. Cision

Cision provides marketers with very powerful tools to reach the right audience, achieve impressive results across traditional, digital and social media, and track their brand in one integrated solution. Automated analytics help you easily report and translate your campaigns into actionable insights. You will see how many people you reach, what they say and what they do with your content, you get full information and results.

Metrics used:

  • Dynamic data. Compare performance over time to understand how your campaign is performing. Monitor domain authority to see how many people you’re actually reaching.
  • Holistic view. With over 100 million data sources available, you’ll never miss a mention of your brand or topics of interest in news and social media and other digital channels.
  • Competition analysis. See how you fare against the competition and discover opportunities to improve your game.
  • Interactive reports. With one click, transform your Cision dashboard into elegant reports highlighting key metrics and KPIs that can be quickly downloaded or shared via a simple URL.

With access to the most complete collection of global online news, blogs, print and broadcast channels, and billions of social media conversations, Cision monitors them all to help you get a full view of your company’s reputation and what your target audience is saying about you and with what power of influence.

Sources at Cision:

  • Online Media Monitoring – Track real-time mentions of your brand in millions of daily news from around the world with unlimited clips and searches.
  • Broadcast Monitoring – Find global TV and radio mentions with unlimited, easy search. Edit clips to share with internal teams and highlight key viewership and sentiment metrics.
  • Print Monitoring – Gain visibility into tens of thousands of printed newspapers, magazines, paid content and more from local, national and international coverage.
  • Social Media Monitoring – Track mentions of your brand and performance of your own channel on major social channels and analyze the results in real time.
  • Podcast Monitoring – Use advanced speech-to-text technology to identify mentions from over 20,000 global podcasts in 16 languages.

Interesting tools:

  • Super powerful search engine – find mentions in millions of e-sales outlets. If you are traded somewhere, he will find you.
  • Domain authority – will you check if your mentions are at the top of the search or on pages outside the TOP 10? Domain Authority shows whether your audience will find something of value if they search for your brand.
  • Impact Scoring – you’ll quickly see which articles matter most to your brand. See how often and in what context your brand is mentioned, the reach of the article and how it resonated with the audience.
  • Voice share – Automated analytics sharing can be done across all media channels, so you can assess your competition in just three clicks.

7. Cyfe

Cyfe is a comprehensive online business management application that helps you easily monitor and analyze all your business data in one organized place. With Cyfe, you will be able to connect and download data from advertising, email, tracking, sales, financial, SEO, social media, support and web analytics accounts. You’ll even be able to bring your company’s internal data to Cyfe using custom widgets, allowing you to easily organize and view all your business data in one place.

Cyfe helps you make better business decisions by bringing all your business data together in one well-organized view and saves you a lot of time by eliminating the need to manually log in, analyze and report data from multiple services every time. It offers the ability to centralize insights and analytics from your media activity (as well as site data, sales travel, marketing spend, and customer service) into dashboards filled with advanced widgets.

The tool pulls real-time data about your (or your competition’s) social media activity into a dashboard for you to monitor live or export as a report. You can also set up instant email and SMS notifications to receive notifications when mentions or engagement spikes – for example, to leverage influence or fix a bug.

8. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is the #1 Consumer Intelligence Acceleration platform for brands to drive business impact. Recognized by Forrester as a leader in Consumer Intelligence and Social Listening, the platform combines multiple internal and external data sources with artificial intelligence powered by Blue Silk™ technology to provide the broadest consumer insight. Talkwalker is an advanced monitoring and analytics tool aimed at large agencies and global brands looking to gain insights into consumer sentiment, public relations, competitor benchmarking and reputation management.

Businesses can monitor digital and offline content in 187 languages, and if you upgrade to the Enterprise package, you can also track images and logos. Depending on the package, you can collect data from over 150 million websites and over 20 social channels. The basic package offers a year of archive data – which is 2 years for a full subscription.

Using pre-built dashboards, you can monitor brand health, gain audience insights, analyze campaigns, or create custom dashboards to track customized topics and keywords. Talkwalker’s analytics dashboard breaks down activity on social platforms into basic metrics, i.e. mentions, sentiment, hashtags, engagement.

Minimize the time and cost of reviewing your innovation strategy by introducing consumer insights earlier in the development process. Beat the competition using emerging consumer trends and insights around the world with proprietary AI machine learning technology and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

9. Digimind Social

Digimind is the leading social media monitoring and competitor analysis software for brands and agencies that want to accelerate their digital transformation with an insight-driven approach. Recognized by Forrester and Gartner, Digimind’s best-in-class technology transforms social and online data into actionable business insights, enabling marketers to effectively plan, execute and analyze their marketing strategy.

Digimind is a social media monitoring tool best suited for understanding brand reputation and less for holistic social media tracking. You can use the platform to search for brand mentions and collect reader sentiment from major networks as well as millions of publications. It specializes in extracting insights about what others think about your brand, competition and industry. Digimind has very extensive analyzes of influencer networks.

Interesting features of the tool:


  • Unlimited social media and network coverage
  • Custom sources
  • Real-time updates
  • Geolocation
  • Automatic moods
  • Personalized tags
  • Re-tagging
  • Automatic translation
  • Grouping
  • Sort by date/relevance
  • Highlight mentions while reading


  • Real-time analysis
  • Interactive charts
  • Multi-filter analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Automatic country detection
  • Automatic translation
  • Automatic moods
  • The best influencers
  • Comparison of influencers by type of media
  • Popular topics


  • Personalized dashboard
  • Direct sharing via social media and email
  • Immediate publication
  • Real-time engagement
  • Smart email notifications


  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Reports ready for presentation
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Custom templates
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Multiple formats: pdf, ppt, xls, jpg
  • Instant export
  • Measuring return on investment

Measuring return on investment

  • Range & coverage measurement
  • Social statistics

Data search

  • Online reputation management
  • The most popular search concepts
  • Top search results
  • Top domains

10. AlphaSense

AlphaSense is the world’s leading market analysis and search platform. It is a market intelligence platform used by the world’s leading companies and financial institutions to help professionals make better business decisions with confidence and speed. Since 2011, their technology has been powered by AI and provides insights into a vast collection of public and private content – including broker research, expert interviews, private company data, SEC filings, earnings transcripts, regulatory content, news and industry magazines.

AlphaSense is a different look at monitoring. It is informing about market trends, competitors and macroeconomic changes. Tracking tools and a wide range of content make it easy to keep track of the companies and topics you follow, so you can be sure to capture every data point. You’ll see a single view of the industry, companies, and topics you follow with a fully customizable dashboard tailored to your research process.

AlphaSense is the monitoring of the most important topics, companies and market updates with customizable e-mail alerts: weekly, daily or in real time. With featured publications that display a personalized list of the most relevant documents for you each week, based on the companies, industries and topics you follow.

Data sources:

Regulatory filings and other disclosures from over 68,000 companies worldwide:

  • SEC and global filings
  • Transcripts of earnings talks and investor conferences
  • Investor Relations
  • Press releases

Reports from over 1,500 research providers:

  • Global brokers
  • Regional and boutique companies
  • Real-time and secondary market research through existing powers for financial firms
  • Wall Street Insights®: The leading and exclusive collection of stock market research for corporate teams
  • Credit ratings, research and risk analysis

Over 25,000 proprietary transcripts from Stream, the leading library of expert interviews:

  • Exclusive, reliable experts
  • Interviews conducted by investors
  • Information on demand
  • World class compliance

Top newspapers, trade magazines and other media:

  • Business and market news
  • Regional and local news
  • Healthcare publications
  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • Finance and real estate
  • Industry and materials
  • Consumer products
  • Space and defense
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Energy and utilities

Regulatory updates from the world’s leading health and energy organizations:

  • EU Clinical Trial Registry
  • FDA
  • CDC
  • EMA (European Medicines Agency)
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
  • EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Qualitative and quantitative insights for 1.4 million private businesses

  • Robust corporate puzzles for over a million private companies worldwide
  • Valuation data for over 200,000 private companies
  • Thousands of transcripts of interviews with experts on private companies

Upload and search your own content, including third-party feeds:

  • Internal research
  • Meeting and conference notes
  • Reports from industry and market information providers
  • Newsletters, websites or RSS feeds

11. Muck Rack

Muck Rack’s Public Relations software, which includes a media database, media monitoring and PR analytics, enables organizations to build trust, tell stories and demonstrate the exceptional value of acquired media. Its Public Relations Management (PRM) platform manages hundreds of millions of data points to help PR teams more effectively find journalists, generate coverage, monitor news, and prove the value of their work. Journalists use Muck Rack tools to showcase their portfolio, analyze news on any topic, and measure the impact of their stories.

Muck Rack allows monitoring from your inbox. Track topics, brands, products, competitors, industries, hashtags and more. With one click, you can create an alert for any search term and receive email alerts when there is a match for a new article or journalist tweet. Use alerts to follow coverage of the latest release or event, or find the right time to contact reporters from your saved media lists.

Data collection, performance reporting and impact measurement are essential to prove the business value of your efforts. With Muck Rack, you’ll be able to spend more time building meaningful relationships instead of creating manual charts and spreadsheets. Quickly create and share reach reports, find out who shared your stories, and discover valuable data that will form the basis of future PR strategies and campaigns.

You’ll automatically compile and organize new press hits and track key metrics including social media shares, unique monthly visitors and total pageviews to quantify your campaigns.

The media landscape changes daily with new content created by journalists collaborating with new publishers on new media. Muck Rack uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to extract and share relevant information from the internet, social media, TV and radio.

With seamlessly integrated monitoring and reporting, Muck Rack automatically notifies you and gathers press releases on topics that matter to you before converting them into beautifully designed reports. You will see how many times each article has been shared by journalists and on social media in general, as well as the number of unique visitors to the publication per month and the tone of the articles.

12. Agorapulse

Agorapulse currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. Stay organised, save time and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse’s inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring and team collaboration tools.

Here are the six features customers value most about Agorapulse:

  1. The unified social media inbox allows you to easily manage all your incoming social media messages, comments and reviews in one place.
  2. Intuitive publishing allows you to plan, collaborate and schedule content for all your social channels.
  3. In-depth analysis delivered in beautiful and practical PDF and CSV reports that show what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Social listening lets you uncover trends and insights about your brand — and your competitors.
  5. Agency Love program and shared external calendars to make agency work even more efficient and profitable.
  6. Support of consultants in record time.

Agorapulse is a 2-in-1 tool: a management platform complete with social media monitoring functionality.

You get an easy-to-use tracking inbox that brings together all your brand’s comments, mentions, and conversations in one feed for easy replying. There is also a comprehensive influencer reach dashboard and integrated CRM.

In addition to robust publishing and scheduling features, you can measure and improve the ROI of your content strategy with ready-made, easy-to-export reports.

13. Synthesio

Synthesio is a technology company owned by Ipsos. Synthesio provides brands and agencies around the world with social media listening tools and audience insights to measure the impact of social and mainstream conversations. Synthesio Social Media Intelligence Suite provides actionable insights – both qualitative and quantitative – from the most comprehensive dataset on the market. Enterprises can use Synthesio dashboards, ready-made use cases, customizable reports and social media command center displays in conjunction with Ipsos social intelligence services to make strategic business decisions.

Synthesio is a strong player for corporate or global brands looking for a reporting tool. With multiple interactive dashboards, you can use Synthesio for audience monitoring, advanced data reporting, and extracting key business insights.

After setting up the interface yourself or using a template, the main social media monitoring dashboard is built around the listening channel and analytics screen, with available filters to break down data by time period, region and (up to) 20 languages.

Synthesio includes a full range of media sources along with news, blogs and forums for which you can create search queries based on Boolean keywords, brand name or focused around specific platforms.

Synthesio presents key metrics to help you prove your winnings, including a heavy focus on KPIs. With a section dedicated exclusively to ROI, you can show how your share of votes, reach or profits on customer sentiment justifies your marketing efforts.

Thanks to Synthesio, you will keep up with the lasting changes in consumer conversations about your brand. You won’t miss what your consumers say, do and think – Synthesio data types include social-declaration data, digital behavioral data and digital surveys. Cleaner data means better decision-making, and first-of-its-kind noise reduction automatically removes irrelevant mentions from your dataset, directing you to authentic consumer statements. You make decisions you can trust. The unique sourcing model offers a scalable way to go beyond the channels you own and capture more of the organic conversation.

Innovation from Synthesio & Ipsos is AI-powered trend detection that combines the speed of social listening with the rigor of market research. Unlike others, Signals goes beyond data spikes by alerting you to statistically significant changes in conversation, co-occurrence of topic mentions, daily posting patterns, trending images, and more.

Thanks to Synthesio, you will take advantage of market opportunities – identify vacancies before your competitors do. You will keep pace with your consumers – automatic statistics will notify you about emerging topics of conversation in your customer base. Thanks to this, you will create authentic campaigns that resonate with your audience, discover and evaluate user-generated content that increases engagement.

14. Signal AI

Signal AI is an external intelligence company that helps companies understand the world. By leveraging the Signal AI External Intelligence platform for decision support, organizations can detect critical signals in the media noise, allowing them to anticipate risks and opportunities and make confident decisions. The platform processes massive amounts of information from content around the world and provides up-to-date insights into trends, patterns and other uncertainties to support critical business decisions.

Signal AI serves over 40% of Fortune 500 companies and builds an innovative, inclusive and sustainable business to change the way organizations make decisions. Artificial intelligence processes and organizes huge amounts of measurable reputation data in terms of:

  • media monitoring
  • risk monitoring
  • market information
  • competition analysis
  • crisis management
  • influencer measurement

Signal AI Global Media Monitoring Sources:

Traditional Print – a network of thousands of partners who deliver the world’s print media directly to the Signal ® platform before or immediately after publication.

Online – from global and local sources to blogs and online magazines – millions of articles worldwide in real time.

Radio and TV – fully integrated, comprehensive coverage of both national and local TV and radio media, available immediately after live broadcasts.

Podcasts – regular access and analysis from nearly 20,000 stations worldwide, delivered within hours of being broadcast on the Signal ® platform. AIQ processes and delivers highly accurate insights, enabling them to be shared across the organization and complementing the intelligence used to identify trends and opportunities.

Regulations and Legislation – content from nearly 1,700 global government, regulatory and judicial institutions that can be analyzed down to the state/regional level to understand how legislative changes will affect your brand.

Consumer Print – access to over 1,250 premium color magazines, the collection includes the best-selling international titles from over 35 countries.

Translated International Content – access thousands of the world’s best non-English publications, automatically translated into English and enhanced with AI metadata.

The Signal® platform offers a user-friendly monitoring and search interface that eliminates the need for long search strings. The platform allows you to quickly set up and modify searches for a dedicated, real-time overview of otherwise overwhelming amounts of data. Powered by AIQ, an extensive taxonomy of AI-powered keywords and topics allows you to easily set up and save searches for anything you want to monitor in print, web, TV and regulatory content around the world.

15. Critical Mention

Critical Mention is a fast, reliable, comprehensive PR and media acquisition platform featuring global media monitoring, media contacts database and robust analytics. Search results can be easily analyzed, transformed into actionable data and shared with the comprehensive Earned Media Suite. 24/7/365 customer support is included with every subscription. You’ll leverage real-time monitoring across millions of online news sources, licensed print, podcasts, and social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Critical Mention data sources:

  • over 2,500 TV and radio stations around the world. Content broadcast in the United States and Canada. Clips from all Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs) in the US. Access to international publications in Europe and the Middle East
  • real-time monitoring across millions of online news sources, licensed print, podcasts and social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Custom social media relationship reports with in-depth analysis including: audience values, vote share, mentions on specific social networks, mentions over time
  • millions of sources in real time, instant notifications about your brand’s coverage in newspapers and online magazines, blogs and forums. Message monitoring in over 90 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.
  • publications behind paywalls. With Critical Mention’s licensed content offering, you can access paid content from the world’s most famous publications, all from the platform.
  • stories from the most widely read magazines in the world. Licensed news, international sources and business publications in various languages. Magazines and program transcripts from the world’s major news networks. Hundreds of corporate and industry sources.
  • popular industry publications. With licensed content, you’ll get unlimited access to thousands of popular industry publications and magazines across industries including finance, law, media, medicine, business, technology, and more.
  • thousands of popular podcasts from any industry including news, politics, business, entertainment, healthcare and much more. Access your clips anytime with Critical Mention’s unlimited cloud storage. Real-time alerts for podcast mentions within minutes of publication. Search for a keyword in any episode with best-in-class speech-to-text. And if you need to add a specific podcast, use the “request a podcast” feature directly from the Critical Mention platform.

Interesting features of Critical Mention:

  • creating and sharing customizable dashboards and reports
  • metrics such as ad value, geographic breakdown and audience value
  • comparing the brand with the competition using voice share metrics
  • density maps and word clouds.
  • reports with custom templates and charts
  • year-on-year reports
  • extensive search capabilities in archives
  • integration with Google Analytics to view website metrics in reports along with media mentions
  • sentiment analysis
  • real-time alerts
  • API to access content, metadata, historical archives and big data trend detection.

16. Onclusive

Onclusive is a global partner for success for PR and communications teams. It helps you monitor, measure and manage your communications activities by delivering the technology, insights and insights that make sense of a fragmented, fast-changing media world. Onclusive media monitoring enables effective tracking and management of media mentions, reactions and competitor activities – across all media channels. Coverage is worldwide, available in 104 languages and over 130 markets.

Onclusive is one place where you can access information about your brand. These will include news articles, blog posts, podcasts, review sites, and major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other forums. Every day, it monitors more than 6 million articles in the mainstream press, online mentions, social media channels, television, radio, news and international media.

This solution combines the most powerful PR analytics and monitoring solutions in the world. Serving over 9,000 clients – large and small – they have media monitoring solutions to meet all your needs, so you can stay on top of the competition, make the most of trends and improve your business success every step of the way.

The global information crawler is at the heart of PR analytics software and uses natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence and media sentiment analysis to capture millions of snippets of owned and acquired media coverage and news content each month through media across real-time monitoring. The robot organizes, evaluates and enriches each piece of content using dozens of dimensions using machine learning (ML) algorithms, providing information for aggregate and article level PR analysis.

17. Factiva

Thanks to Factiva, you monitor the media and follow the reach of the brand – even in languages you don’t know (200 countries and 32 languages). With a global database of over 33,000 sources and customizable alerting and visualization capabilities, Dow Jones media monitoring and analytics solutions keep you on top of the latest news and help generate the insights that shape effective communication strategies. Flexible delivery of publications via newsletters, alerts and the Factiva mobile app keeps communication team members up-to-date, wherever they are.

Benefits of this tool:

  • Brand coverage monitoring with a global news database. Monitor emerging issues and identify points of engagement from the most influential global news sources, filtered with robust search tools.
  • Alerts – build and share important company information with a newsletter builder – or receive custom, shareable reports tailored to your specifications.
  • Charts and analysis. Assess and showcase brand reach with easy-to-understand media analytics and news data visualizations.
  • Advanced search. Discover insights with a robust search filter builder and coding and metadata to enhance filtering and modify alerts quickly.
  • Mobile application. Stay on top of brand issues and events from anywhere with the app.
  • Archives. Monitor and extract sentiment from a decades-long content archive, all while continuously streaming the news to your own monitoring tools.

18. Awario

Awario is a social media and network monitoring tool that will help you track brand mentions, monitor competitors, find sales and influencer opportunities, and engage your online audience. You’ll discover every brand mention from across the web and social media. They index over 13 billion websites every day. Awario will help increase brand engagement by responding quickly to ongoing conversations, cutting through social noise for key audience insights, and enhancing marketing campaigns with in-depth consumer analytics. Moreover, you can rely on the search function to find even the most niche conversations.

Using the brand name as a keyword, you will find interesting discussions on social networks and join them in real time. You will spread the word about your product, service or content on social media and online to reach new audiences and start word-of-mouth marketing. You’ll check sentiment and mention share to make sure your brand’s reputation is growing. You will only search for valuable mentions (social media is full of invaluable market and consumer information, but it is also full of so-called hype) about customers in social networks to better understand your audience (their age, location, language) and improve your marketing strategy.

Also, try monitoring your competitors’ brands. Track and analyze various customer mentions, check the sentiment and range of mentions, create custom reports on the platform.

Thanks to Awario, you will also reach valuable influencers – you will identify people with the greatest influence on the industry. You will connect with them to develop influential relationships and start business cooperation.

You will save on a PR agency thanks to PR reporting functions. You will use media monitoring to reach popular journalists directly and run a campaign to promote your company.

19. Agility PR Solutions

With Agility, you can monitor coverage across multiple media: web, print, broadcast, podcasts and social media with an easy-to-use tool. Empower and measure your PR efforts with a cloud-based, easy-to-use media database, monitoring and measurement tools and services. 

There is a media database available – you can choose press or TV journalists, social media influencers, bloggers and analysts from a huge global database of over 1,000,000 contacts. Get detailed contact information and connect with your ideal influencers by sending personalized messages or announcements directly from the platform.

The intuitive platform also analyzes who opened emails and clicked on links, making tracking a breeze.

The easy-to-set-up and use monitoring solution allows you to generate and share out-of-the-box coverage, voice share and media type reports with all stakeholders.

You monitor topics anywhere with a wide range of content across the web, print, broadcast, podcasts and social media. Stay up-to-date on reach and all relevant content sources with an easy-to-use, self-service monitoring tool.

You will instantly create reports based on beautiful chart templates, using real-time data. Quickly download individual charts for use in presentations and share them for regular updates to stakeholders.

Share publications and inform stakeholders by sending key press clippings of important coverage in manually selected or automated media briefings.

Automatic email alerts keep you up-to-date and the first to be notified of a potential crisis, as well as information on anything that matters to you, whether it’s your brand, advocates, industry, or anything else entirely.

Leverage social media to discover key business insights with data visualization, dashboards, and reports. You will easily understand the depicted trends, engagement and moods. Most importantly, you will provide this information using ready-made report templates for executives.

You’ll find what you need with AI-powered search. Intuitive and powerful search features make finding what you’re looking for a breeze – no matter how complex the search is. Use the power of AI to find related conversations or fine-tune your listening to get rid of noise and return only the results that matter most.

20. Keyhole

Keyhole helps marketers measure, improve and report on the impact they have on social media. Keyhole’s social media listening, influencer tracking and social analytics products help marketers improve their social media strategies and prove their business impact to colleagues and clients. Keyhole is a social media monitoring and reporting tool, best for tracking campaign impact, managing influencer partnerships, and tracking conversations.

Keyhole’s easy-to-use dashboard allows you to create and share reports instantly, saving you hundreds of hours a year. Use Keyhole’s dedicated influencer metrics to analyze the advocates talking about your hashtags. You can filter influencers based on geographic location and keywords in their bios. Reach influencers to increase engagement and increase your marketing ROI. You can also sort influencers based on the exposure and level of engagement they generate.

The analytics dashboard includes a convenient word cloud that shows hashtags frequently used with the main hashtag. You can easily use this tool to identify the most popular hashtags related to your campaign and find areas of opportunity.

User-friendly dashboards come with a learning curve so you can quickly start measuring customer sentiment, evaluating audience opportunities, and benchmarking against your competitors. The platform also offers real-time search in communities related to influencers, hashtags and used keywords.

The most important element of the platform is the visualization function, which allows you to transform activities into heatmaps, graphs and word clouds that can be displayed as is or exported to your own company presentations.

Keyhole connects to the official APIs of major social media platforms and automatically updates your details – no manual input required.

You will use social media metrics to identify your competition’s strengths and weaknesses (i.e. your capabilities) and how you can use them to stay ahead of them.

Collect data on your influencer campaigns and say goodbye to spreadsheets and screenshots. This way, you’re just wasting your time manually searching and measuring influencer posts. Let influencers authenticate their Keyhole profiles and get instant access to all relevant real-time data.

Simplify brand monitoring and access all direct and indirect mentions of your brand, brand keywords and brand hashtags on social media, news articles, blogs and forums directly from your account.

Use machine learning-based brand monitoring to instantly know with customizable alerts whether:

  • your brand is suddenly gaining exponential popularity
  • there are complaints from dissatisfied brand users and customers
  • what posts about your brand that are trending or going viral
  • influencers talk about your brand

21. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a comprehensive, intelligent social media monitoring platform. Allows you to track mentions of your brand, product or competitor across the web (news sites, forums, blogs and more) and across multiple social media channels such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Google Reviews, YouTube, Linkedin etc.

It has AI-powered features and provides users with unique and insightful data through an extremely easy-to-use and simple dashboard. 

The main advantages of the tool:

  • Search engine for the best influencers. Find out who the most important people are talking about your brand, competition or target market. You can contact them to inform them about your products and establish new relationships. Also find people who love your brand and talk about it. Don’t miss the opportunity to thank them and strengthen your ties even more.
  • Integration with Google Data Studio. Use the Mentionlytics source in Data Studio to migrate social data to Google Data Studio.
  • Email notifications. Set up notifications to get new mentions to your email or co-workers’ inbox
  • Sentiment analysis. Mentionlytics automatically classifies each new mention as positive, negative or neutral
  • Integration with Hootsuite. You can harness the power of social media monitoring and combine it with the amazing publishing/scheduling capabilities of Hootsuite.
  • Configurable reports. Reporting feature with personalized widgets to create beautiful and customized monitoring reports with clear and actionable insights.
  • Manage your brand’s online presence with one tool. Access all your social media accounts from one place. You can share your content on Twitter profiles, Facebook pages or LinkedIn profiles.
  • Social Intelligence Advidor (SIA) – Social Intelligence Advisor will give you smarter insights and personalized advice to help you improve your online and social presence. Smart algorithms analyze your mentions to uncover the knowledge behind this huge amount of data for you, and SIA presents the discovered knowledge in a very simple and clear way.

22. Notified PR Platform

Notified PR Platform is social media listening and media monitoring, media contacts database, press release distribution, newsroom publishing and PR measurement. Integrated, user-friendly tools in one place without the need to connect to dozens of systems. The Notified PR platform is PR software that is integrated, smart and easy to use. Real-time data and analytics flow seamlessly, providing a unified layer and single source to help you measure performance and ROI on social media and acquired media.

You will harness the power of social listening and real-time media monitoring. Get instant visibility into your brand mentions and media exposure in online news, blogs, forums, press, broadcasts and podcasts, and tap into millions of social media sources from 150+ countries. Monitor the entire media ecosystem and stay up to date with your brand’s reputation, potential crises, competition or industry news. Study trends and moods to be better informed about the effects of your content marketing.

Thanks to a smarter media database, you will increase the reach of your PR activities. You will discover journalists and editorial opportunities using databases of media contacts. The proprietary recommendation engine will bring you relevant media in real-time with the help of artificial intelligence, and you can also search for global contacts that are updated and verified by an in-house research team. You will be up to date with the ever-changing contacts in the media thanks to prepared, verified profiles. You will create targeted media listings that improve open and response rates. You can email your contacts directly from the platform to reach your audience even more effectively.

With GlobeNewswire press releases, you will share your news and get media attention. You will share your news with media, influencers and consumers around the world. GlobeNewswire is integrated with the Notified PR platform so you can choose from over 1000 news items to target your news by geography, industry and media type. And you can target media in 92 countries and 35 local languages.

Use Newswire Analytics to measure the impact of your mailings. News articles, social media posts and other content that you follow all the time can be published in your newsroom with just a few clicks. Keeping up-to-date, attractive content for your audience will be much easier. The Newsroom provides the media with a single destination for information and presentation of media coverage, press releases, blogs and social media. In your newsroom, you measure traffic and content downloads. You will display customer posts on social media and user-generated content (UGC) directly on your website, in an online newsroom or on screen as part of a virtual or hybrid event.

In the dashboard, you’ll get detailed PR performance metrics and insights into your acquired media, social accounts owned and PR reach with the complete picture you need to prove your business impact. Brand tracking, competitor comparison, media coverage – you can measure it all in one place.

With real-time reports and alerts, you’ll get quick insights into your media. Different teams have different needs, so the system makes it easy to set up custom reports that automatically keep everyone up to date on news and conversations on social channels.

23. News Exposure

News Exposure provides robust and comprehensive monitoring of TV and radio broadcasts, internet and social media monitoring, print monitoring, media intelligence and PR analysis. It also offers a media contacts database solution. News Exposure has created an exclusive niche in the industry by maintaining a permanent HD archive dating back to 2010. This includes national and cable networks as well as coverage of syndicated and local markets. News Exposure maintains the highest quality and most complete library of audio and video archives, so it can deliver clips that aired a few minutes ago or years ago. News Exposure is a leader in monitoring Spanish-language broadcasts, providing the widest local and national coverage available. It provides reports, TV clips, radio clips and web clips as well as transcripts in Spanish, English and other languages.

News Exposure records and monitors all 210 TV markets (designated marketing areas or DMAs) in the US, including national networks, cable channels and local markets. It monitors over 2,000 radio stations across the United States. It can put together clips and video packages so you can get an idea of how your brand is perceived in each market as well as in general.

News Exposure is watching and monitoring online news, websites and blogs to make sure you get the most important information you need. They monitor a wide range of print media and have their own die cutting service so you get comprehensive, relevant and accurate results quickly. This gives you the opportunity to refine your message in the most effective way.

Monitoring social media platforms allows you to find out what people are saying about your organization and brand. It’s the information you need to reach and connect with your customers in the most responsive and effective way.

What makes News Exposure different?

  • Ready for You (DFY) option to focus on other work, virtual trio of online crawlers provide comprehensive results
  • Monitoring millions of websites and blogs on the Internet for relevant content
  • People filtering options

24. TVEyes

Global Search for TV, Radio and Podcasts. TVEyes Inc. is an international media monitoring company based in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company provides a television, radio and podcast monitoring platform that allows users to search, view, report, analyze and archive media content in the United States and major international markets.

TVEyes’ proprietary web-based speech-to-text and advanced audio/video search software has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense as the exclusive provider of key monitoring applications worldwide.

TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite (MMS) sends you e-mail alerts as soon as an interesting keyword is broadcast – whether it’s in New York, London, Beijing or Qatar.

The company has granted patents, e.g. a system for extracting tags from social media and contextual advertising for video and audio carriers.

TVEyes’ mission is to provide customers with actionable insights from innovative visual, audio and text search solutions across the largest global streaming and podcasting network available to enable them to make smart business decisions.

With nearly 3,000 stations in 27 countries and more than 30 languages, MMS users are alerted to the most critical content and events, and can then make informed, data-driven decisions that impact their brands.

25. Dataminr

Dataminr uses real-time artificial intelligence and public data to generate query-relevant alerts useful for global corporations, public sector agencies, editorial offices and NGOs. The Dataminr AI platform detects the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging threats based on massive amounts of publicly available information. Dataminr’s real-time alerts enable tens of thousands of users in hundreds of public and private sector organizations to be the first to know about breaking events around the world, develop effective risk mitigation strategies, and respond quickly as emergencies unfold.

Since 2010, Dataminr has been a pioneer of AI/ML systems for real-time event detection. He holds a patent for natural language processing and machine learning for event detection in microblogging. They use a range of AI deep learning methods across a wide range of scientific fields ranging from natural language processing, natural language understanding, natural language generation, computer vision, audio processing and classification, and anomaly detection in both public machine-generated and human-generated data streams.

Dataminr’s real-time alerts enable tens of thousands of users in hundreds of public and private sector organizations to be the first to know about breaking events around the world, develop effective risk mitigation strategies, and respond quickly as emergencies unfold.


The list was created on the basis of presentations of global media monitoring companies collected on the website and on the basis of information taken from their websites.

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