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26 May 2023, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint at SWPS University

SchoolofIdeas at the SWPS University is a unique study combining practical knowledge, methods and tools from various disciplines – cultural studies, sociology, anthropology and psychology. The studies teach how to design services, social and business processes, that are created for human needs.

4 May 2023, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint monitors the media for the National Library

The formal establishment of the National Library took place over 95 years ago, based on the regulation of President Ignacy Mościcki of February 24, 1928. However, the traditions of the Library date back to the 18th century. In 1747, Andrzej Stanisław Załuski and Józef Andrzej Załuski established the first public and national library in Poland....

18 April 2023, Robert Sadowski

Media monitoring in the fight against war disinformation

How does Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) influence the perception of modern warfare? What is OSINT anyway? In the article below, we will present how media monitoring tools improve OSINT operations. The growing role of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) In the era of universal access to information about the amount of data that we are forced...

27 January 2023, Robert Sadowski

New format available in data export

To meet the needs of Newspoint customers who use the panel for comprehensive media monitoring, a new functionality has been implemented.Searched publications from a project or tag can be additionally exported in .html format and received directly by e-mail. This form is very similar to the alert notifications sent by the tool.

2 November 2022, Mateusz Pałka

How to Build Trust and Brand Awareness with the Help of Media Monitoring

Brand awareness is not only a problem for small, local and less known enterprises and organizations. Global companies that lead the way across various social media channels around the world are also struggling to maintain high brand recognition rates. The moment of its fluctuations most often occurs when companies introduce pioneering products to the market,...

27 October 2022, Robert Sadowski

How will media monitoring affect the near future of digital marketing?

For a long time, marketers and communications specialists have relied on the use of attribution and conversion tracking tools that observe and research customer journeys using cookies. However, knowing the full path of consumers to conversions is not so straightforward due to the availability of a variety of the latest devices that customers use to...

28 February 2022, Robert Sadowski

Free media monitoring – help for Ukraine

Newspoint, comprehensive international media monitoring brand, introduces a free service for all Polish and Ukrainian institutions, local government organizations, public benefit units, foundations, associations and all support groups involved in helping Ukraine. Free access will be granted initially for a period of 90 days with the possibility of extension.

8 December 2021, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint presents new website

The Newspoint company – specializing in comprehensive media monitoring – has implemented a new, responsive website. The new web better presents the current scope of services provided by the company and functionalities of the monitoring platform and media data analytics. Company content blog – which has been a separate internet site so far – merged...

17 November 2021, Robert Sadowski

Media monitoring for marketers – a number of benefits

Social media activities have become commonplace. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, onlineforums, podcasts and blogs are just some of the sources customers use to express their opinionabout a product or brand. Media monitoring enables a holistic analysis of current information on aparticular topic in the media channels, as well as monitoring market trends and tracking competitors.It...

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