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14 February 2023, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint summary in 2022

We recently said goodbye to the unpredictable 2022. It was a year of significant historical events and geopolitical changes. Attention and energy were directed not only at Poland, high inflation, the Covid pandemic, but perhaps above all at what was happening right next to our country. As a company, we felt it in two ways...

22 December 2022, Robert Sadowski

TOP 25 best media monitoring tools for 2023

More and more marketers and PR specialists from SMEs and corporations use media monitoring tools. And not only them. The target group is PR agencies and HR agencies, promotion departments, sports clubs, local governments, public administration, foundations and associations. The goal is primarily to track mentions of your own brand and competitors, assess the overtones...

10 November 2022, Robert Sadowski

Effective media monitoring – how to choose the right keywords for your brand?

Media monitoring is based on keywords. First of all, they determine the subject of publications that we look for, observe and receive as part of the monitoring process. However, it is the correct entry of well-chosen phrases and their appropriate construction that make it possible to search for publications that are actually interesting to us...

27 October 2022, Robert Sadowski

How will media monitoring affect the near future of digital marketing?

For a long time, marketers and communications specialists have relied on the use of attribution and conversion tracking tools that observe and research customer journeys using cookies. However, knowing the full path of consumers to conversions is not so straightforward due to the availability of a variety of the latest devices that customers use to...

7 July 2022, Robert Sadowski

Newspoint Dashboard Manual Guide

The Newspoint tool is used for media monitoring. Newspoint monitors all types of media (social media, portals, news websites, opinions, industry, vertical, forums, blogs, press and RTV). Provides worldwide coverage: 75 languages, 170 countries worldwide and the largest range of sources: over 16 thousand Polish websites and over 150 thousand foreign websites, the largest range...

2 June 2022, Robert Sadowski

Export statistics in the Newspoint panel

Newspoint, which specializes in comprehensive media monitoring, offers the ability to export data on which diagrams and statistics are created in the panel. This feature is intended to make it easier to create your own quantitative alerts and extract data into dedicated KPIs. 

1 June 2022, Mateusz Pałka

How to choose a quality media monitoring tool?

Choosing a good media monitoring tool is not an easy task. We have free tools, such as Google Alerts, and paid tools – both domestic and foreign. What to pay special attention to in order not to overpay and have access to all publications that interest us?

12 January 2022, Robert Sadowski

Why should you use the competition modules in the Newspoint Panel?

The Newspoint panel offers access to two interesting modules – Competition and Industry. Why is it worth using them? Above all, they give you the opportunity to see how your competitors are doing and how your company or brand is doing compared to them. These are important tools to help you plan your activities, identify...

4 January 2022, Robert Sadowski

SMS notifications – Newspoint monitoring with new functionality

Comprehensive media monitoring Newspoint has implemented an additional functionality – users can already receive notifications of the release of their most important publications via SMS to their smartphone.

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